Wedding Week: Bridal Party Gift Ideas with Sourpuss Clothing and Suavecito

I don't know if you are like me, but I started to really roll my eyes when searching for wedding party gift ideas.  Now, I am not having traditional nuptials.  My fiance and I decided that a church was not the venue for us, and we are not necessarily a "traditional" wedding magazine couple anyway.

I could not, in good faith, get any friend an engraved photo frame, or some sort of barf-o-tron gift that they would never use, so I looked to some of my favorite companies to fill the order of thanking our friends for helping us get hitched.

One of the hardest parts of this whole "bride" journey, is honestly staying true to yourself.  There are a million different opinions that will pull you down different paths, and really when it comes down to it, you just have to do what feels good and right to you.  So why in the world give presents that you wouldn't want to receive yourself?

Suavecito/Suavecita is a brand that both Johnny and I, as well as our friend are very well acquainted with.  A great groomsman swag bag could be filled with pomade, or their new signature cologne, and a new comb.  Your bridesmaids would be sure to love a new suavecita lipstick and/or some wonderfully scented pomade of her own!

Another favorite company of mine, and one that I have worked with multiple times, is Sourpuss Clothing.

It is hard to think how a clothing company could fit into gift giving, or even how it could be a good place to look for wedding reception extras, but Sourpuss is MORE than just clothes!

For the groomsmen, Johnny and I picked out some very rad pinstriped ties by Kustom Kreeps through Sourpuss, and also a couple of stainless steel flasks.  

Sourpuss Clothing also sent along some great things for a wedding reception, but photos of that will up on another post, because obviously I want to get some photos of the cool items at our actual wedding reception.

From one alternative bride to another, think outside the wedding magazines.  Go with companies that already support your "roots".

Stay Sweet,
Katty Delux

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