Holiday Traditions

I have seriously always like October-December.  I like celebrating traditions, even though I don't look like a "traditional" person.  To me, a tradition is something you hold near and dear, and is part of what the Holiday Season means to you.

Here are some "traditions" from some of my friends and family.

Name: Travis F. (he is my cousin, so I bet you will spy me in some of these photos)
From: Missouri

 My Thanksgiving tradition is watching the original Star Wars trilogy.

This came about due to my loathing of football, and sports in general.

The full story behind this comes from spending Thanksgivings at my grandpa Dishman's house. There were two TVs, the one in the living room and the one in his bedroom and on Thanksgiving there were ALWAYS both of these taken over by the sports ball. After I turned 14 or 15 I got the trilogy on VHS and started taking over one of the TVs before the sports ball could start and all three movies were long enough to be able to effectively camp the back TV for most of the duration of the time spent there.

I've just turned 38 and I've never skipped a year on this tradition of mine, so I've been doing this for over twenty years. I don't even care where I spend my Thanksgivings, I take over a TV.

It is special to me to since I've been able to keep this going, taking over a TV, and still getting to show my disdain for the sports ball.

Hmm... Of course, these are MY opinions - likely to be as flawed as anyone elses. Um, really, I guess you should assume that eveyones speaking out of some external influence, believe in whatever makes sense to you. - Nny JTHM #3

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