Sunday Night: Date Night

Johnny and I are terrible about actually going out and doing things.  We are such hermits sometimes, that it isn't even funny.

I just love being at home, comfortable, surrounded by things I love, and blankets.  Johnny, well he is the same.  We find that we would rather go buy a new movie, make dinner and cuddle on the couch, than go out and spend a fortune on a so-so dinner.  Sometimes, that is a good thing, but sometimes you just have to get dressed, and go out!

A local film maker, Jason Tucker, shot a short film and asked both Johnny and I to play parts in the movie.  We were thrilled.  Well, I was thrilled.  Johnny I think came around to the idea, and after his part was shot, he was excited.

Last night, the film premiered at a local theater, and it was a packed house!

I am so lucky to be with this man.  He gets that I don't like large crowds, but I do have a desire to wear a dress, and be out of our cocoon every once in a while.


  1. You two look so adorable ♥

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