Fit Frozen Dessert: Arctic Zero

ARCTIC ZERO® is the pioneer of Fit Frozen Desserts™ without all the fat and calories. Handcrafted from premium ingredients, ARCTIC ZERO is low glycemic, lactose free, gluten free and GMO free. It’s the perfect zero-guilt pleasure whenever your sweet tooth strikes.

I was super excited to get a fantastic package from Arctic Zero, full of delicious goodies and super wonderful packaging!

My Johnny and I have done one round of Whole30 and are planning to do a reset in the next month or two.  I wasn't really on board during the first round, as it is hard, but it made me feel so much better, and really paying attention to what is going in my body for fuel made me become really aware of products.  This product is not Whole30 compliant, as there is sugar in it, but is a great snack when you are between rounds.

We received a five pack of goodies: Banana Pudding, Snickerdoodle Dany, Cake Batter, Brownie Blast and Poppin' Pomegranate.  My favorite quickly became Snickerdoodle Dandy because it reminded me of the cookie butter Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream.

The first bite is a weird one, cause you are thinking ice cream, and this is different.  You aren't going to be left with a mouth covered in milk like you do with traditional ice cream.  The consistency is good, and as long as you follow the directions of letting it set out for 10 minutes before consuming, you are going to get a creamy, delicious bite.

I have to say, I am sold on this product.  I like that it is light, it didn't make me feel horrible after eating it, and it satisfied my sweet tooth.  I am excited to try more flavors!

Stay Sweet,
Katty Delux

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