Journal Day

Wow, I have not been keeping up with this area for a minute now.  That is pretty sad, but life has just been happening, and I realized that I was finding it hard to be inspired in this area.

I thought it would be great to rejoin the blog world with some new posts and journals of what is going on in my life, what I am looking forward too, and just new land posts in my world.  So much of my world has changed in the last year, that I am realizing I am at a very different point in my life, and my perspective on a lot of things has changed.  Journaling is something that is going to be popping up here more frequently.  Just free writing my thoughts, or stories, or silliness.  I used to journal daily, and got away from doing it, and I can't pinpoint why.

I have always heard that when you get into your thirties, your world ideals shift.  I had really thought about this concept, and wondered if it would effect me.  I have no children, I am now divorced, and I moved from a city I had lived in for 10 years.  I felt like perhaps my thirties were going to be a period of unstableness and completely shaken up.  What I have realized is that it was exactly what I needed.

Periods of change, force you to cleanse.  I have been forced to look at every item that I own, every person in my life, and really to image I put out for people to see.  I had to purge every moment, thing, property, and item from my life.  I only got to move the things that I really had to have.  My closet got smaller, my friend circle got smaller, and my world got smaller.  Those are scary things, but have, in the end, been the most liberating.

Part of this new journey, or this "new beginning" made me realize, I had been so unhappy that I began to fill my life with things.  Things that made me happy for a moment, but soon it faded and I felt empty again.  I have always collected things, as in small collections of treasured items, whether it be vintage cookie jars, tea pots, or my beloved shoes.  But, upon inspection, my life had just become full of stuff.  Stuff that didn't even make sense.  I still have the shoes, and cookie jars, etc, but my life is much more clear, and things that I own have a purpose and are only purchased out of love or necessity.  I am working on collecting memories and moments, and not just stuff.

I feel happier than I ever have.  And it feel odd to think that leaving things behind is what brought on the first wave of feeling better.

I encourage you to find your happiness by whatever means you have.  I am still working towards my own happiness, but I know I am on the right path.

Stay Sweet,