Product Review with The Violet Vixen

The Violet Vixen

A few months ago the lovely folks at The Violet Vixen let me pick out a corset to review.  Firstly, I was overwhelmed because they have so many to choose, and secondly, how do you pick just one?

After many back and forth decisions, I went with Candied Ruby underbust.  My natural waist is 30 inch and so size 26 corset is what I needed to get a perfect hourglass figure. If you have questions on how your corset should fit, or what size you need, the wonderful people at this company are here to help!  Their customer service is spot on, which I cannot say about a lot of companies.

The Violet Vixen not only offers really beautiful corsets, the construction is impeccable.  When the package came, I was instantly surprised at how heavy the package was.  That to me, signaled this is a GOOOOOD corset.  

Right now, The Violet Vixen is having an online sale and you can pick this beauty up for $96.00 (which saves you about $20).  In fact, their whole site is on sale!

Go find something that you cannot live without, and be sure to check out their corset section, as the offer more than just underbust corsets.  I know this will not be the only Violet Vixen corset that I will own!

Stay Sweet

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