Hello December, Hello New Format!

I know everyone is probably like, whoa, I can't believe December is here. I am honestly glad. 2015 has been the highest and the lowest year for me. I am glad in two ways that it is in the closing chapter: 

1) I get to spend my first Christmas with Johnny.
2) I can say goodbye to all the negative crap that has followed me this year. 

I always use December as a time to finish my yearly goal list, if I can, and a time to look forward to set new goals. I never get sad if I don't obtain everything I set out to do, I just use my goals as a way to inspire new adventures and keep the positivity and creativity flowing in my life. 

Some things I am looking forward to in 2016:
❣planting new things at my house. I love plants! They are a reminder to me I am able to grow and plus who doesn't like pretty flowers 

❣changing up my blog format. I am thinking my YouTube channel is going to be where it's at. 

❣traveling with my sweetheart. 

❣Swoon Vintage Beauty travel?!? 
❣finding a style for 2016. I love integrating newness into my look. 
What are your goals for the end of this year or your new year goals?