Spotlight Interview: Kitchy Kittys

Kitchy Kitty's interview with katty delux

Where are you from or where is your store located? - Kitschy Kitty's Clothing Shop is a home based company out of Northern California, but serves internationally through the online store

What does your store/brand specialize in? - Custom vintage reproduction clothing for women at affordable prices

How did you get your brand started? - After a few friends' encouragement I decided it was time to step my foot out there, it has taken a lot of work but I have managed it all independently since day one

How long have you been open and what is some of your favorite items? - As of October 2015, Kitschy Kitty's Clothing Shop will have been open for one year, I am very excited to celebrate the one year anniversary! My personal favorite item in my shop...the high waist shorts. They're high waisted with pockets, what's not to love.

What inspires you? - I get really inspired when I find kitschy fabrics, sometimes it's dangerous treading into the stores. I'm also really inspired by my clients; it's always fun to see what patterns and fabrics they're interested in, I love positive feedback and making them happy.

What celebrity would you most like to wear/use your items? - I can't say I wouldn't get a kick out of a celebrity wearing my clothing, but if I had a choice I would choose professional models that inspire me in what I do. One of my biggest inspirations is Angela Ryan for her talents in design and styling.

If you had to use only one word to describe yourself, what would it be? - Kitschy!

What is your biggest pet peeve? - I'm pretty easy going, but I have to of my biggest pet peeves is people who litter! It's absolutely horrid and disgusting in my opinion, I am constantly picking up others trash when I come across it.

What are your favorite websites or companies you love to support? - How long can this list be? LOL
I frequently purchase items from The Oblong Box Shop and Joann's, but I also really try to support small business...Rose La Mer Headpieces, Vanity Exposed Clothing, and Match Accessories to name a few

What would people be surprised to learn about you? - I think people would be surprised to learn...I don't like coffee. In fact, I think it tastes like dirt LOL :)

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