Ochetti/Elliott House Tour: My Dressing Room

This is how you know you are spoiled.  Your sweet boyfriend allows you to have an entire spare bedroom for your own personal dressing room.  Yes, an entire room.  We won't even comment on the actual size of closets in this house, due to it being built in 1912.  Basically closets are tiny, and so this is how I got an entire room to store my clothes and shoes.

The room is really an homage to all the pretty things I have curated along the thirty three years I have been alive.  I really cherish all of my clothes and shoes and accessorizes, etc, so I am super happy to have a place to display all of the loveliness.  If you follow me on instagram, I have been previewing a lot of my "house tour" there.  I happened to mention I get dressed in this room, and sometimes Johnny joins me in this room while I get ready.  He mostly just dances around for me, cause I think in a previous life he was an exotic dancer, or maybe he just has a little bit of ghetto dance habits that I get to be privy to.  It basically makes getting ready impossible, because I am always laughing.

This wall is probably my favorite in the room as it is just a collection of pretty things.  The floral prints are from an 1885 encyclopedia that I got off of etsy.  The mirrored cabinet is actually a house for all my sunglasses.  I have a tutorial here.  I have a great Missouri print from etsy and other random girlie things that make me happy.

I found that I had amassed quite a collection of vintage planters and decided they would make great containers for makeup brushes and pencils etc.  Plus, how cute are they?

I hope you have enjoyed this room tour, be watching for the next tour coming shortly!  If you missed it here is a tour of my bedroom

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  1. OMG I love the idea of using planters for makeup brushes! Thank you, I have a ton of those and they are not being used!