Ochetti/Elliott House Tour: Dining Room

Since this is the dining room, I thought it would be appropriate to start with, well, the table.  The table was a birthday gift from my parents a couple of years ago.  One that really has a special story.  This table was purchased from an estate sale in Springfield.  The person they bought it from was selling everything out of their mother's house, since she had passed.  This table, that actually has two more chairs and two extra leafs, was owned by the woman since 1963.  It had set in her kitchen since then, and the children grew up eating dinner at it.  

Stories like that are part of the reason I love vintage things, especially when you get to know all about where it lived, or how it was used, etc.

These cute curtains I picked up at a flea market in Kansas City about three years ago.  I was amazed at how great the condition was and the fact that there were four panels and two valances all for $12.  (The valances are hanging in my kitchen.)  A quick wash and they were all ready to be re-used in our new house.

Most of the things on this quilt rack were Johnny's grandfathers.  The jump rope, the cigarette boxes and ash tray, and the wallace for president sign.

Housed in the north corner of the dining room is a metal cart, that I picked up at a thrift store for $3, and a collection of cherry stuff.  I don't really collect cherry stuff anymore, but the stuff I decided to keep when I moved was all things that I really loved, so it is displayed together.

The breakfast buffet is Johnny's and right now it stores all of my grandmother's depression ware.  On top of the buffet is a collection of creepy religious items.  The wooden cabinet I was lucky enough to score for a couple of bucks at a garage sale.  That was a lucky find and a swift purchase.

Lastly is a curio cabinet that belonged to my grandmother.  I have a rather large collection of glass decanters, some that were my great grandfather's, some that I just got from auctions.  Additionally displayed is my collection of state cups.  I love these glasses and if I can find them for a decent price, I will usually get them.  Upon moving in together, we realized Johnny had several Colorado state glasses to add to the collection.  It was meant to be folks.

Stay Sweet,
Katty Delux

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