Making:  ALL THE YUMMY THINGS.  I am so completely in the mood for dessert.  I am not sure if that is because I am in love and a relationship and all I want to do I is bake decadent dessert and snuggle under blankets and watch movies.  Do you ever go through this?

Anticipating:  Really I am just kind of waiting for the weather to get actually cool.  In Missouri, sometimes we have an ease into fall, where the day light gets shorter and the weather gradually wains into cooler temps, and then sometimes it goes from being 85 degrees one day to 45 degrees the next day.  It's weird.  However, that is how the midwest likes to treat you.  Like a fickle mistress.

Learning: I am learning how to cook meat.  Last weekend I took a stab at cooking pot roast for the first time, and much to my surprise, Johnny loved it.  I did not partake in said pot roast, as I have been a vegetarian for 28 years, but my man is a meat lover, so I have to indulge his taste buds.  This upcoming week, I am going to dive into the world of meat loaf for him.  We shall see....

Wearing:  It is not so much of what I am wearing, as the search for new items to introduce into my closet.  I have lost more weight recently and a lot of my jeans are not really fitting.  They will "work" but in reality I don't like wearing belts for function, so jeans are for sure on the agenda.  

Plotting:  I am trying to put together a list of fun things to do for Johnny and I this fall.  I am not so sure he has done a lot of "coupley" fall things, in fact I don't want the things to be too eye roll inducing, so they are going to consist of some cutesy things and some scary things, but this list is not yet complete

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