Making:  Besides making a real mess, I am not really making anything of importance. I did get a few plants this week, cause I was getting sad that I had no plants in my house.  I got two african violets and a venus fly trap.  The fly trap came as a bulb, so it have to wait for it to grow.  My window sill in my kitchen looks a little more home like.

Anticipating:  A visit from my dear best friend Devyn and her husband, Geoff.  They are coming to visit next weekend and I am terribly excited. I haven't seen Devyn since April, which is too damn long.  

Learning: I am a little bummed that I won't be attending a car show in KC that I have attended every year since 2005, but such is life.  I will be making new memories this year.  New traditions, new life, new peeps.  I sometimes forget how hard ending relationships can be.  Things get divided and split and just when you think you are doing really good, a thing that you used to do, or an item that you used to use, is needed and you are like, wow, my life is totally different.  Its hard, but every day gets a little easier.  When you are in the midst of divorce, or even a long term relationship break up, it kind of feels like you are dying.  In reality, you kind of are dying.  That part of you necrotizes and just has to be severed.  My best advice is to focus on yourself and your new journey.  I am sometimes terrible at this, because I have a tendency to look at my past and analyze every part of it.  I have to remind myself "Eyes forward Elliott" and it keeps my focus towards the good I have and the positive I am moving towards

Listening To:  Leon Bridges.  If you do not know this name, go look it up right now.  Oh man, it is like Otis Redding and Sam Cooke had a younger nephew or cousin and collaborated with them.  SOOOOOOOO GOOD! This album has been on heavy rotation for me lately.

Wearing:  Right now the midwest is hanging on for dear life to summer.  I am not complaining as the temperatures are hanging right around the mid 80's.  I don't mind summer, but I always get antsy when it comes to turning over to fall.  I want to just be wrapped in scarves, layers and big boots.  For the moment I am wearing converse, lots of denim and my favorite band shirts.  A summer combination staple.

Plotting:  Halloween Plans.  I am not sure what Johnny and I are going to be doing, but we are starting to talk about what we want to do.  

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