Making:  Right now, I have been in a baking mood. Well baking and cooking. I find that in the fall it is super easy to move right into baking delicious yummies and really start "pre-hibernating".  I think of it like that because I am a bit of a hermit crab, and I like to fill my house with delicious smells and comfortable things and coziness as we inch closer and closer to fall and winter.  Two things that have been on my mind, as of late, is cookies and more cookies!  Here are two recipes I just made: Oatmeal Cookies and Chocolate Chip Cookies, and honestly they didn't stay around for more than a couple of days.  If you follow me on pinterest, you can also see what I have been up to in the kitchen!

Anticipating:  Honestly, it is the release of Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  I am not going to kid around about this, it is something I look forward to every year.  I know there are a million and one college girls, in UGGS and leggings, with their hair in a messy bun, that are screaming for the most "basic" of all lattes flavors to returning, but I don't care.  I LOVE pumpkin spice anything, and if that makes me look dumb, than so be it.  It is not a guilty pleasure, it is an actual pleasure to drink that delicious cup of yumminess and I won't apologize for it.

Learning: I am learning to live with a big dog.  I know this sounds like a stupid, stupid thing, but I have had three small dogs for the past 14 years.  One of which was a whole 3 pounds.  The new dog in my life and the trifecta to my new family is a very tiny 103 pounds.  He is a sweetheart and thinks he weights 3 pounds.  I have had to explain to Johnny that I am just not used to have an extra 100 pounds to love and I am not even really sure how to.  I know it is ridiculous, but I am learning.  He walks me, he whips me with his long tail, and last night he barfed on my pillow, but I love him nonetheless.  Have you ever experienced this? Or perhaps the reverse of always having a big dog, and suddenly you become the parent to a tiny one?

Listening To:  Because I live with a music lover (and a bit of a snob) I get to listen to a little bit of everything.  This past week it has been a lot of 60's reggae, which is fun and will always put you in a great mood.  It doesn't hurt that my sweet boyfriend loves to dance to.  He can certainly bring a smile to my face.

Wearing: I am always wearing black, and I am trying to transition into a more layered look for fall.  Since I just moved, it was a time to purge a lot of things that I don't wear and every season I look for more things to add to my wardrobe to give it a little punch.  Perhaps this fall I will focus on layers and lots of rings and necklaces.

Plotting:  What to plant in my new flower beds.

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