Hello everyone!

I am sorry I have been missing in action lately, and this blog has really felt the brunt of that.  I will get more into why I haven't been posting later, but I wanted to let you all know that a new lineup of good stuff is on its way.

Over the past few months, or well almost year, I have been diagnosed with cancer, divorced, moved, started a new job, met and fell in love with a new man, moved into together, and am finally where I am today. Whew, it has been a whirlwind.

Be looking for new posts soon, as I am getting the layout put together as we speak.

I hope you are all well and ready to get acquainted with what is going on in Katty Land again.

Stay Sweet,


  1. i just read all of your august blogs.. and now I am in legit tears.. only because I miss you so much ..

    1. OH NO DEVYN!!!!! NO TEARS!!!!! We are going to see each other so soon! It will be so good!