New Year Resolutions 2015 Edition

I usually make this list 52 lines long, however this year my main goal is intention.  I am living with intention and I think a shorter list for me with force me to be more direct with my direction.  Do you create a list of goals?  I would love to hear what is on the top of your list!

  1. Save $100 a month, then go somewhere fantastic in December.
  2. Travel to 3 new states this year
  3. Attend Viva Las Vegas
  4. Learn one new homemade ice cream recipe per month
  5. Plant a few trees
  6. Do 6 new photos shoots with photographers I have never worked with.
  7. Be published in an international tattoo magazine.
  8. Condense my wardrobe, hone my style for 2015
  9. Purge my household items.  Get rid of the unnecessary in my life.
  10. Read one new book per month.
  11. Create donation drive for local hospital or local women's shelter
  12. Make 2015 the year of intention.

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