Modern Fairytale Series: Kitty and Hatchet

*Sometimes it is so easy to get wrapped up in what is wrong with the world, that we forget to celebrate the love and goodness that is in our lives.  I wanted to do an interview series about modern relationships and their dynamics.  What do you celebrate about your relationship? What keeps you and your partner together? Let's hear it and remember that even with all that is wrong with the outside world, sometimes the best spot is in the arms of your cherished partner!
xoxo Katty Delux

Kitty & Hatchet

How long have you been together: 
We have been together for 8 years now.

Are you married, engaged, dating, domestic partnership: 
We're married <3

How long have you known each other: 
I met Hatchet when I was in highschool. I had plans with a friend to go hang out at the mall after school and flirt with boys, but before we went I had softball practice and I bunted the ball straight up into my face and got a bloody nose and black eyes. We still went to the mall and to my surprise Hatchet walked by and said "damn I love redheads!" I blew him off and kept walking, thinking he must have been out of his mind. Luckily my friend made me talk to him and we started hanging out. 

How long were you together before you took the next step in your relationship: (not necessarily marriage, ex: how long were you friends before you started dating? how long were you engaged before marriage?) 
I was really shy when I first met Hatchet and he thought I didn't like him. We went our separate ways and didn't see each other for years until one night at a local bar where he was hitting on my friend. We started talking and have been together ever since.

What initially attracted you to your partner? 
I was attracted to his persistence. We just seemed destined to be together.

What is your favorite thing/attribute about your partner? 
My favorite thing about Hatchet is his willingness to help anyone in need. He's a good guy to have on your side. 

Do you live together, if so how long? 
After we met again at the bar we spent most of our time together, I think we moved in together pretty quickly.

Do you have children and/or pets together? 
Our first Christmas together we were both pretty broke, so I got us our first pet. He was a beautiful white cat with one blue eye and one green eye named Ice. Someone had abandoned him and I went to go see him. Ice came right up to me and starting nuzzling me. He was our first baby. 

What is your secret to a successful relationship?
 Communication is the key to any successful relationship! Nobody has the perfect relationship, but if there is communication you can get through almost any problems that might come up!

What is your parting advice that you would like to leave for other couples? 
Be eachother's best friend and biggest fan! 

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