Modern Fairytale Series: Jessie and Steve

*Sometimes it is so easy to get wrapped up in what is wrong with the world, that we forget to celebrate the love and goodness that is in our lives.  I wanted to do an interview series about modern relationships and their dynamics.  What do you celebrate about your relationship? What keeps you and your partner together? Let's hear it and remember that even with all that is wrong with the outside world, sometimes the best spot is in the arms of your cherished partner!
xoxo Katty Delux

Steve-53 and Jessie-32

How long have you been together:
3.5 years

Are you married, engaged, dating, domestic partnership:
Live in partnership

How long have you known each other: 
4 years

How long were you together before you took the next step in your relationship:
(not necessarily marriage, ex: how long were you friends before you started dating? how long were you engaged before marriage?)

We dated for a year before I moved in with him.

What initially attracted you to your partner?
His dreamy brown eyes and his big pretty lips.

What is your favorite thing/attribute about your partner?
His thought process. He is mechanically minded. Each idea he has is so intricate and bewildering. I find it fascinating to watch his ideas come to life.

Do you live together, if so how long?
Yes, we do. About two years now.

Do you have children and/or pets together? 
I have children that he has taken under his wing. We have 2 dogs, 1 rabbit, 20 fish and, 9 chickens.

What is your secret to a successful relationship?
Compromise. We give in to each other. We acknowledge each other's contributions and appreciate them.
Forgiveness goes a long way too.

What is your parting advice that you would like to leave for other couples?
Love with all your mite. Let the petty things go. Never forget to say "I love you". ALWAYS be silly and enjoy each moment ❤

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