Top 5 things I enjoy about the Holidays

I, normally, am the person that is decorating for Christmas before thanksgiving rolls around.  I am normally the person who has her entire Christmas shopping done, and wrapped, way before anyone else. Holiday Cards, mailed December 1.

This year, unfortunately, that is not the case.  Since being diagnosed with cancer, having surgery, and a few other life curve balls, that I am not ready to talk about, have happened, this year I have been 'off'.

I didn't get out halloween decor, or hand out treats. I certainly didn't do any party planning for Thanksgiving, and Christmas, well, it has taken a back seat to everything.  So, since I haven't been in a holly, jolly mood, I thought it might be fun to do a little list about the things about Christmas that I do really love.

  1. Spending Christmas Eve at my Grandpa and Gramma Wetherington's House.  For at least the last 10 years, if not more, my mom's side of the family spends our evening with my grandparents.  It is casual and we usually just spend time together, my mom and gramma make more food than any family can possibly eat, and it is really nice.  I will be there this year as well and can't wait to see everyone.
  2. Dishman Family Christmas.  Growing up, my dad's side of the family always went to my Grandpa's House and we would have lunch, and usually stay for dinner, and stay longer playing games and the adults would play trivial pursuit or cards and it was just a lot of fun, filled with a lot of memories!  As I got older it has progressed into a family breakfast with uncles, aunts, cousins, second cousins, etc.  I have to say I really really enjoy it!  This side of my family has a lot of cousins and we are all pretty close in age, so it is always fun to see them and catch up.  Plus, hello, breakfast food is awesome, and it gives a break from all the heaviness of holiday foods.
  3. Andy's Frozen Custard.  If you live in Springfield Missouri, you know what's up.
  4. Any excuse to get hot chocolate.  Any excuse.
  5. Even though I hate driving, getting in my car and knowing my family is just a few hours away, is always a good feeling.

I hope your Holidays are everything you want and need them to be.  Really, I am just awaiting a new year, the new possibilities!

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