Modern Fairytale Series: Katherine and Daniel

*Sometimes it is so easy to get wrapped up in what is wrong with the world, that we forget to celebrate the love and goodness that is in our lives.  I wanted to do an interview series about modern relationships and their dynamics.  What do you celebrate about your relationship? What keeps you and your partner together? Let's hear it and remember that even with all that is wrong with the outside world, sometimes the best spot is in the arms of your cherished partner!
xoxo Katty Delux

I'm Katherine but I go by K@ (because I'm clever and memorable) he is Daniel

we are both 28, he just turned it but I'm 6 months older so I'm a 'seasoned' 28 haha.

How long have you been together: 
we have been official for almost a year and a half. (which for me is a lifetime!)

Are you married, engaged, dating, domestic partnership: 
we are just dating, he is down for a trip to the courthouse but I'm a bit more cautious just because I don't want to be another statistic.

How long have you known each other: 
I met him a little over 2 and a half years ago, when I was meeting some potential roommates via Craig's list. They had no clue I'd be so awesome haha.

How long were you together before you took the next step in your relationship: (not necessarily marriage, ex: how long were you friends before you started dating? how long were you engaged before marriage?) 
We got together as a couple almost a year after initially meeting. We never dated or acted on anything while we were roommates, few months after he moved out he made a 'move' and then shortly after moved in with me. Again sorta.

What initially attracted you to your partner? 
Hes a genuine good guy. Heart of gold! Hes not handsome in the society's conventional sense, he's missing most of his teeth and thinks he is too skinny but I couldn't care less. Looks can change in an instant. As morbid as it sounds an accident could take all of your physical characteristics away and then what's left? He will always be a gentle and compassionate man and I love that.

What is your favorite thing/attribute about your partner? 
His loyalty. He is fiercely loyal even when he should have given up with someone or something.

Do you live together, if so how long? 
We have lived together almost the whole time we have known each other. Minus about 6 months (before we dated)right in the middle.

Do you have children and/or pets together? 
We have 2 cats. One was my hellion before we got together and then last new years we got little Lulu a friend from the shelter, Smokey aka Big guy.

What is your secret to a successful relationship? 
Get mad/sad/glad whatever. Go ahead and feel what you feel so that you can get rid of it. Never hold on to those emotions though, feel them and move on. I personally held on to hurt and anger and it just makes you an emotional bottle rocket. Explosion, party of 1.

What is your parting advice that you would like to leave for other couples?Enjoy each other. Enjoy all the unique and different characteristics your partner has because there will never be anyone quite like him/her/zim/zer.

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