2014 Goals Revisited/End of Year Assessment

Here is my last two years lists:

2013 New Years Resolution List

2012 New Years Resolution List

I know that 2014 is not over, but the remaining list is not going to get finished in the next three weeks. I am being realistic.  I however am already compiling my list for 2015 and I cannot wait to see what it is going to hold for me.

2014 was actually a pretty horrible year for me.  I almost cut my pinky off new year's eve 2013, had to have surgery for nerve repair, was diagnosed with cancer, and to have surgery for cancer removal, and well have been trying to get off paxil and have watched some pivotal relationships dissolve in my life.

In fact, really I should just be happy to be alive this year.  So here's to another 52 weeks of goals and whatever my life shall hold in 2015.

  1. Start and maintain a really good garden
  2. Learn a little about birds in my area and get the correct food to attract them.
  3. plant some trees
  4. Save $500 this year
  5. Attend Viva Las Vegas
  6. Attend as many local car shows as possible.
  7. Bake a new pie once a month from scratch
  8. Learn to cross stitch
  9. Find the perfect mid century furniture for my living room
  10. Get a new mattress set
  11. Finish renovating the laundry room.
  12. Read one new book a month
  13. Visit one new state.
  14. Plan a girl's trip with my friends
  15. Host a swap party.
  16. Eat at 6 new local eateries.
  17. Get myself to the West Coast
  18. Get myself to the East Coast
  19. Host a wine sampling party
  20. Host a dinner party
  21. Adopt a Family for Christmas
  22. Join a volleyball or softball team in the summer
  23. Start my new *career
  24. Get my much anticipated old car
  25. YOGA!!!
  26. Do more outfit/style posts for my blog
  27. Donate un-used items to charity

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  1. You can make an east coast appearence in the DMV area. See the cool museums, national monuments and some cool history. And I'd just flip to potentially meet my favorite pin up. 😜