Doing: Today I got to spend time with my bestie, Devyn.  She did some hair, I did some makeup and then we just got to eat lunch and hang out at our local Ulta.  Whenever I am with her I usually just laugh and laugh, and today was no different.   I find that whenever life is getting hard, or when I find myself getting really down on myself, I just need a little laughter to feel better.  Devyn cracks me up, just in general, but together we are pretty ridiculous, so laughter always ensues.  Do you have a friend that will make you instantly feel better?  I love that dimension in a relationship.  

Thinking about: Right now, I have been thinking about a restructure in the blog.  I love writing and I write in my journal all the time.  For me it is just soothing, and theraputic, and I find that open up my soul and mind is just something I have to do to survive.  With that in mind, I am going to be writing a lot more.  Hopefully readers will like it, and if they don't I apologize.  I am so much more that just my hair or eyes or smile, and I want the people that want to know more about me to get that.  There are a few blogs in my blogroll that I really enjoy reading about them, their prompts, their life, etc.  Now, I promise I won't get all writer crazy on you, there is still going to be stuff to read, punctuated with superficial fashion and makeup and loveliness.  I promise!

Watching: I started watching a few new shows last week.  The first one is The Red Band Society.  Ugh, it is good.  If you haven't watched it, it is about a nursing/medical staff and their interactions with a group of young adults in a hospital.  All of the teenagers have something medically wrong with them, that keeps them confined to the hospital, but you can see that the story twists and turns from there.  It's really good!  Also from A to Z.  It is basically like watching the TV version of 500 days of Summer.  If you liked that movie, then I bet you will like this show.  It is cute, doesn't have storylines that you have to think about.  It is just one of those shows you can sit down, watch, and enjoy yourself.

Looking forward to: Thanksgiving.  This year has been a really odd year for me.  I have had two surgeries, been diagnosed with cancer, got to travel, and have big, big things happening for me.  With all that being said, I feel like I have been floating through this year.  I don't feel tied to it at all, as though 2014 has given me no roots in which to grow.  I haven't felt in the spirit for an holiday activities.  I didn't get crazy for halloween, like I normally do, I haven't thought about Christmas at all.  I don't even think I am going to decorate for it.  I am not a Bah-humbug, but I think I am ready for the beginning a new year can bring, and ready to see what awaits me around the corner.

Reading: I have load about 10 books on my kindle, and just haven't started reading them yet.  I have been more in a reflective mood, and when that hits me, I write until I can't think.  Reading doesn't even serve me during that time.  Hopefully reading season will return soon.

Loving: I have been really simplifying my life recently with the idea, and suggestion by my friend Devyn, to learn to say no.  But, not just saying no, really saying no with authority.  I don't want to simply say no, and then feel really bad about it. I want to say no and mean no, close the door, and move on.  This applies to everything in my life.  The small things such as "can you do me a favor" to the big things like "Can you..........".  I have a huge problem telling people no, because I want people to like me.  I have always had this problem, and then I get too many things on my plate, and end up having a small melt down in the privacy of my own home.  Not anymore.  Well, at least, not a much.  It is still a struggle, but I am getting better at it.

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