Doing: I have to be real honest with you.  Even though we are only 5 days into October, I feel like I have been running a mile a minute.  I have been so busy, but its the good kind of busy.  Its the kind of busy that starts putting things into motion.  I always feel the most productive in the fall.  I don't know why, but when the weather starts to cool, and the daylight hours start to wain, I just feel the wheels of motivation start to spin more rapidly.    I see the end of each year, as a time of reflection.  To look at my goal list and either ramp it up, to get near the finish line, or start adding new things to keep the fire burning.  I never want to become stagnant in my life.  I always want to strive to be the best version of me that I can.  2014 has thrown me some curve balls, but I feel stronger and more alive, than I have felt in a long, long time.

Thinking about: I read an article last week about a man that decided to reconnect with his Facebook "friends" over coffee.  All 1000+ of them.  He is giving himself three years to do it.  I really felt inspire by this idea.  Now, I have a lot of friends on Facebook, some of them are super close friends that I talk to almost daily, some of them are people I have met through networking, and some of them I don't know personally, but they support my art.  Since reading the article, I decided that I would love to catch up with some wonderful people on my friends list.  It is super surprising how many people responded with wanting to catch up too.  I personally cannot wait to start meeting up and just shooting the breeze with people that are very much important to me.  I think, especially me personally, that because of unlimited access to every part of peoples lives, due to social media, it is so easy to let really close relationships kind of fall through the cracks.  Some of these people in my friends list I spent 20 + hours a week with for over 5 years in roller derby.  That is honestly a bond that cannot and will not ever be broken.  I admit I get super "stalker-y" on social media and use it as a crutch to secretly catch up on peoples lives.  It is easy to do that.  You get to know so much about a person through their interactions on FB, Twitter or IG that you forget what it is like to actually hug that person and say, face to face, "how are you doing?"  Well, that is all about to change!

Watching: Really I am just looking forward to the new Walking Dead, American Horror Story: Freak Show and that is really about it.

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