Makeout Monday with Nicky Rockets

I got the chance to check out Nicky Rockets Tshirt line and was honored to get a T shirt from him!  I must say, these shirts are clever, nicely designed and support a super positive body image!  His company not only specials in awesome shirts, but also has some of the best customer service I have ever experienced!

Please stop by his website, Nicky Rockets, and pick up a shirt or four!

Where are you from?
Wirral in the UK aka Curvy town

How did you get your store started?
I've always been obsessed with tee shirts and collect unusual cool designs myself. Drawing and design is a passion and I had designed tee shirts for burlesque events I had promoted as well as making stuff for myself. The concept of Nicky Rockets came from hearing my wife Betty say she was sick of never seeing any representations of plus size and curvy women as super heroes, adventurers and even classic pin up tees all featured women with proportions that were nothing like hers. I created the character of Curverella as a gift to Betty and as a plus size blogger she felt they needed to be shared and so the tee shirt brand was born.

What inspires you?
I'm married to a plus size hottie and  am very inspired by curvy sassy representations of women. I love the pin up art of the fifties.There is a power and softness in a fuller figured woman and I really like that juxtaposition.Teeshirt wise I love the ethos of Johnny Cupcakes, fashion wise its always interesting to see what Chubby Cartwheels is doing. and I like the eccentric Britishness of Vivienne Westwood and Pam Hogg. 

How long have you been open and what is some of your favorite items?
We started in May 2013 so just over a year.The newest design is always my favourite so I currently love "Mutiny for her bounty" but I have a soft spot for Invasion of the killer curves as it was my first design and really got the whole thing rolling.

What celebrity would you most like to wear your items?
Slim Jim Phanton from the straycats would fulfil a childhood dream, Tess Munsters body was made for my tees and Debbie Harry would make an awesome Curverella

If you had to use only one word to describe yourself, what would it be?

What is your biggest pet peeve?
Bad customer service

What are your favorite websites?
I love as Megans Doctor Who tees are just amazing and of my girl Betty rocks my world.

What is your dream job?
Im doing it now, staying at home with my girls and the pug designing teeshirts.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?
I like to wear a Fez when Im designing.

Sweet Taste of Freedom: Let's Get Dolled Up AND GIVEAWAY

Ginger Watson of Lets Get Dolled Up

Where are you from?
Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio

How did you get your store/business started?
I first started out making my headbands for myself.  I used to run quite a bit and I needed a headband to wear.  I kinda have a large noggin' so not all headbands are comfortable for me.  I wanted to figure out a way to still look cute and girly while being athletic.  Regular headbands either hurt my head, slipped off during activities, or left indentations in my hair.  I was inspired by the bread tie of all things and the bits of fabric that I had left over from making dresses.  I made myself the first Dollie Band.  I wore it to work an all of the gals LOVED it!  Pretty soon I started making different colors and selling them to my coworkers.  They would request all different fabrics and patterns.  A few gals that I went to high school with contacted me after seeing them on facebook and wanted to purchase them for gifts and for themselves.  The thing that really got me going was when a little girl tried on one of the Dollie Bands and said “Mommy this headband doesn't hurt my head like that other one does”.  Ever since then I started creating more and more.  I was happy that little girls wanted to wear my headbands.  The flowers started when I started entering contests.  I wanted headpieces and bows that would set me apart from the other gals.  I love being different.  Sometimes I just want to wear a fruit basket on my head...or even dessert.

What inspires you?
I am inspired by a thirst of knowledge and a drive to live every day to the best of my abilities.  I am inspired by others who are like-minded and share my passions.  Kind hearts and dreamers.  I love a person with a big imagination.  All of my creations are inspired by what makes me happy!

How long have you been open and what is some of your favorite items?
I first started selling in 2011.  My official site however just opened this year.  My favorite items would be my Hair Desserts.  I just like wearing fruit in my hair for some odd reason!  Anything with fruit.  The Sweet As Pie in Strawberry is my favorite as well as the Tutti Fruiti!

What celebrity would you most like have praise your store/product(s)?
Oh my goodness I think if Cherry Dollface would wear one of my items I would freak out!!!!  I would probably wet myself and go back to a Wayne's World montage claiming “I'm not worthy” haha!  She inspired the Cherry Sweet As Pie honestly.

If you had to use only one word to describe yourself, what would it be?

What is your biggest pet peeve?
People who eat loud or ending a sentence with a preposition. Ex: “Where is that at”....ugh nails on a chalkboard for me honestly!

What are your favorite websites?
Craigslist---I love browsing through hot rods and junk...aka TREASURES!!!! (I love looking for new creative people and their designs.  I have found so many awesome gals out there creating their own cool things.  I like to support them as much as I can.)

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

There is no such thing as “down time” in my life.  I am always on the go, creating, and moving around.  I have trouble sleeping because there is so much that I want to do and I am always thinking of new ideas.  I really love volunteering.  I hug everyone and I do not have boundary issues.  Everyone always wonders what the “real” Ginger is are lookin' at her!  I wear vintage as much as possible, go to bed with lipstick on, work in high heels all day long, and I hardly own any sweatpants unless they were a gift.  I am very handy and I like to tinker with things.  Although I do not own my own hot rod...I really do enjoy working on them with friends.  I also built my own farmhouse table...not like went to Ikea and followed the directions...we are talkin' went to Home Depot and bought lumber.  I love power tools!  I also require atleast one hot cocoa per day...preferably with marshmellows.

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Daily Candy

Dress: Folter
Necklaces: Target
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

Gotta love some Wednesday Addams outfit inspiration when it is getting close to the spookiest time of year.  I wore this last Saturday night, to a dinner,  to celebrate my friends birthday.  I love peter pan collars, and though I don't wear them often, as it is sometimes a hard neckline to pull off with a full bust, this dress is one that I like fit my shape well.

Stay Sweet,

Makeout Monday ~ Things I love this week

// This belt <3 //

// Sunnies to make the winter not so sad //

// Print for my dressing room //

// Stunning Ring //

// Love this modern take on retro classics //

// Origami Cat // 

Sweet Taste of Freedom: Kawaii Buddies

Instagram- KawaiiBuddies


When did your business launch? 2006

What is your business about? What is it that you do/sell? I make fun, geeky, cute and creepy jewelry and accessories. Everything from pinup jewelry to fur winter gear to miniature food jewelry.

What gave your the inspiration or motivation for your business? I saw some cute stuff that I liked and I tried to make something similar. It was honestly horrible. But it inspired me to try more and before long I developed my own style and it made me proud when people looked at my work and said "Wow!"

Do you do this full time/part time? Well, it's complicated. I am a stay at home, work from home mother so I kind of do everything full time.

How has your life changed since starting your business? I have made more friends through this business than anything else. People who come along and appreciate my work and we instantly hit it off.

What is the biggest obstacle you have encountered? Finding a target market. It's a somewhat conflicting obstacle really. My items are a bit of a niche product and locally speaking, they aren't highly sought after. I sell more online to people in different countries than I do locally. It is sometimes discouraging but I also realize that one of the reasons people don't seek it, is because they don't know it exists. Many times when people see my products in person, it opens up a whole new world to them.

What is something you thought was going to be hard, but turned out to be simple, in regards to your business? Understanding marketing. At least it seems to be easy for me. I don't know why. I am often told that maybe I should have gone into marketing but I am quite capable of coming up with sales plans that seem to work well for my own small business. Not sure if I could have done the same for large companies! Haha!

What has been your biggest success to date? There was a customer a few years ago who ordered a hat. I took it to the post office to ship it off and they told me that because of import restrictions in Italy, nothing could be shipped in which had any sort of stitch work (clothing, hats, stuffed toys, etc). I messaged my customer, telling them I was sorry and offered them a refund or a store credit to anything that wasn't sewn. They asked if I could send the hat to a friend in the US who would be visiting them in Italy soon. I did so and later they sent me a picture of the hat on a snowman (the wife was too shy to be in the picture), in front of the Colosseum in Rome. It suddenly felt like a piece of me was there and that was rather special. They sent along a lovely thank you note with the picture that made me feel lucky to be in the line of work I am in- bringing happiness to people through all the cute and lovely things I can create.

Do you have any big plans/ideas/launches planned for 2015? I am always working on new products! I never have special launch dates but I work on trying to get big batches of new stuff out 2-4 times a year.

What would you like to share with COAST readers about your company/business? I absolutely love customer pictures. It makes me feel like a small part of your life since I put so much of my time and creativity into my products. It makes me happy doing what I do.

Lastly, what is the advice you would give to someone looking to start a company or business similar to yours? Do something you love, for the love of it. Not for the business of it. If you have to make money, do what you have to do, but it is my firm belief that if I were doing something I hated, I wouldn't be able to do it for long. I take custom orders but for the most part, all of my original products are something I love myself, for the art of it, the creativity behind it and the pride it fills me with.