Doing: I have been in recovery mode the past week.  I am doing well, but even the littlest tasks exhaust me.  I will return to work tomorrow, and I am a little nervous to see how it goes, as everything seem super tiring to do, and I know there will be a pile of work waiting for my return.

Thinking about: I am anxiously awaiting fall.  At the end of every July, I get very antsy for the season to start changing.  I know that I still have an entire month to get through before fall appears, and really with as weird as the weather has been, I honestly don't think "fall" weather is going to get her until we are long into October/November.  I am also pouring over recipes to welcome the changing seasons.  Soups, stews, breads, etc.  Oh man, it makes me hungry thinking about it.

Watching: I haven't necessarily been watching anything, as I have been sleeping a lot lately, and really, mostly everything that is on right now is reruns.

Looking forward to: Now I am really just looking forward to reaping the benefits of our garden.  We have begun to harvest cucumbers and tomatoes and a few zucchini.  The Mr. has made about 25 jars of pickles from his grandmother's recipe.  I can't stand cucumbers or pickles, so that is a bit of a bummer, but I do love zucchini, so that makes me happy.

Reading: really I have only been reading blogs, and online news. Sad, but I don't have any books downloaded to ready.

Loving: Pretty much my life has been ruled with yoga shorts and hoodies.  I am constantly on a roller coaster of temperatures since having my thyroid removed.  Your thyroid acts like a thermostat and since mine is gone, I can't ever tell if I am going to be burning up or freezing cold.  It is kind of annoying.

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