Doing: Garden Harvesting.  We have planted to large raised bed gardens, and well, planted them way too full.  (lesson learned) but we are beginning to get deliciousness from it!  We picked our first zucchini today and our first tomato.  We have also rendered peas, and a variety of peppers.  I am really excited about our garden and all the possibilities that we are going to be able to do!  Tim already made some refrigerator pickles from the cucumbers that we have picked!  (I hates pickles, but I like that we can make our own)

Thinking about: my upcoming surgery. Yes. Surgery.  I am having a complete thyroidectomy and cancer removal on the 18th.  I am oddly at ease, as I know I will be getting back to feeling normal.

Watching: I have really been loving The Big Bang Theory on TBS and Penny Dreadful on Showtime.  Neither show have anything to do with each other, but I really like them both.  Penny Dreadful has a lot of characters that you will be familiar with such as: Dr. Frankenstein, Dorian Grey, etc so that is fun!

Looking forward to: Purchasing some new plugs/jewelry.  Right now I only have a blue pair of silicone tunnels, and white carved white rose pair, and a stainless steel and rhinestone pair.  I am at a fairly large size (5/8) and at that size the jewelry can get kind of pricey.  Do you have a favorite jewelry store you like to purchase plugs from?

Reading: I am reading an advanced reading of Dusty, for blog 
review, and cannot believe how amazing it is!  I am proud to say that I know, one of the authors, personally and am BEYOND proud of her!  She is doing something that she loves, and I hope she remembers me when she gets big and famous!!!  It will be released July 14th and I am just so excited I get to be part of their blog tour.

Loving:  My new birthday tattoo.  On Saturday, some of my friends, surprised me with a party and then we all went to get tattoos.  When we arrived at the tattoo studio, no one knew what they wanted, but I thought I would love to get a party cat, then realized that my friends Mark and Karah's daughter, Ireland, that is six, had drawn me a big card with all sorts of magical animals all over it.  I decided on a cat and a cake and then everyone else decided to get art from my cards as well.  It was such a fun night and I now have the cutest reminder of friendship and love.

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