2014 Resolutions Revisited

Here is my last two years lists:

2013 New Years Resolution List

2012 New Years Resolution List

So, we are about half way through 2014 (how is that possible?) and I like to see where I am at, and where I need to go from here.  I have got quite a ways to go, but I am not hard on myself if I don't complete the entire list.  I just like to be pushed in a direction and lists do that for me.  Do you make yearly resolutions?

  1. Start and maintain a really good garden
  2. Learn a little about birds in my area and get the correct food to attract them.
  3. plant some trees
  4. Save $500 this year
  5. Attend Viva Las Vegas
  6. Attend as many local car shows as possible.
  7. Bake a new pie once a month from scratch
  8. Learn to cross stitch
  9. Find the perfect mid century furniture for my living room
  10. Get a new mattress set
  11. Finish renovating the laundry room.
  12. Read one new book a month
  13. Visit one new state.
  14. Plan a girl's trip with my friends
  15. Host a swap party.
  16. Eat at 6 new local eateries.
  17. Get myself to the West Coast
  18. Get myself to the East Coast
  19. Host a wine sampling party
  20. Host a dinner party
  21. Adopt a Family for Christmas
  22. Join a volleyball or softball team in the summer
  23. Start my new *career
  24. Get my much anticipated old car
  25. YOGA!!!
  26. Do more outfit/style posts for my blog
  27. Donate un-used items to charity

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