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2014 Resolutions Revisited

Here is my last two years lists:

2013 New Years Resolution List

2012 New Years Resolution List

So, we are about half way through 2014 (how is that possible?) and I like to see where I am at, and where I need to go from here.  I have got quite a ways to go, but I am not hard on myself if I don't complete the entire list.  I just like to be pushed in a direction and lists do that for me.  Do you make yearly resolutions?

  1. Start and maintain a really good garden
  2. Learn a little about birds in my area and get the correct food to attract them.
  3. plant some trees
  4. Save $500 this year
  5. Attend Viva Las Vegas
  6. Attend as many local car shows as possible.
  7. Bake a new pie once a month from scratch
  8. Learn to cross stitch
  9. Find the perfect mid century furniture for my living room
  10. Get a new mattress set
  11. Finish renovating the laundry room.
  12. Read one new book a month
  13. Visit one new state.
  14. Plan a girl's trip with my friends
  15. Host a swap party.
  16. Eat at 6 new local eateries.
  17. Get myself to the West Coast
  18. Get myself to the East Coast
  19. Host a wine sampling party
  20. Host a dinner party
  21. Adopt a Family for Christmas
  22. Join a volleyball or softball team in the summer
  23. Start my new *career
  24. Get my much anticipated old car
  25. YOGA!!!
  26. Do more outfit/style posts for my blog
  27. Donate un-used items to charity


Doing: This past week, well let's be honest, the past 6 months, I have been dealing with personal illness.  I FINALLY got a diagnosis last week, and am going in for a surgery consult next week.  The problem that I have with this, is this would have never been diagnosed if I hadn't have pressed the issue and sought out a doctor.  My regular primary care physician is a wonderful doctor, but it was like every time I went in, she just didn't seem concerned with what I was telling her.  My mom was diagnosed with thyroid cancer about 7 years ago, and due to her going so long with out being diagnosed it cause a whole bunch of problems.  My grandmother had a similar experience.  This is why I am such an advocate for knowing your health lineage and being informed when you go to the doctor. It is so sad that we as a patient have to also read and gain as much knowledge as we can, so we can provide evidence to our providers.  What I have learned is that you should ALWAYS trust your instincts when it comes to you health.  I am not sure what is going to be the outcome after next tuesday, but I do know that what is in my throat and around my thyroid has to come out.  Cancer is such a scary word and a loaded one too.  Thankfully survival rate for thyroid cancer is very, very high with treatment and correct action.

Thinking about: I have been thinking about possibly trying an aerial class.  There are several offered in the Kansas City area, and once I am cleared with a clean bill of health (i.e. once I am not so incredibly tired)

Watching: I have got into this new habit of watching Conan every night during the week.  It's weird, cause usually I don't watch those types of shows, but it has been cracking me up.  Do you have a favorite late night host show?

Looking forward to: I am really looking forward to our garden providing lots of yummy produce.  It is growing out of control right now.  We are going to have so much salsa, it's not even funny.  Like, if you invite me to your house, I am bring homemade salsa.

Reading: I just finished reading Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver.  It is a YA book, so a pretty quick, easy read, but enjoyable.  I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes a movie option.  It is not life changing or anything, but it is what I consider a good summer read.  What are you reading currently?

Loving: right now I am just really loving coral.  I want everything in my life to be coral colored.  I am finding myself being drawn to coral nail polish, coral shirts, coral EVERYTHING.  Do you have color you are loving right now?


Doing: I am really searching for new living room style.  My house has always had a flair for the "old" vintage-y antique store look, but I have decided to really hone the look into something more collective.  Recently we painted  our kitchen cabinets, installed new tile, and are waiting to install new countertops. I just touched up all the walls with fresh paint, and totally overhauled the paint in  my living room.  The search has now begun for new furniture for our living room.  I do not know when purchasing furniture began so hard.  I think my problem is I am searching for something that has been burnt into my mind, and it does not exist.

Thinking about: This year is almost have way through.  We are into the beginning of June, but December will be here before you know it.  I always get sad thinking about how fast time seems to go the older you get.  I really want to hold onto the days and learn to get as much joy out of them as possible.  How do you slow your time down?

Watching: Game of Thrones, of course.  I really, really need to just read the books already.  This show is the best and the worst all at the same damn time. If you watch the show, or have read the books, then you know what I am talking about.  I also went to the theater last week to see Maleficent.  I have to say, I was underwhelmed. *SPOILER ALERT* I was sad that the story was changed and didn't really like how un-evil Maleficent was made to be.  That is all I am going to say about that.

Looking forward to: Right now, I am looking forward to just enjoying summer. The weather has already been giving Missouri august-like temperatures, but I am okay with that.  The winter seemed very long here, so heat can stay for awhile.  I don't really have "plans" for the summer, but I do know that car shows, cook outs, and time on the porch is a must.

Reading: Eek I am actually not reading anything right now.  How sad is that?!  Do you all have an recommendations? 

Loving: That I have several wonderful things coming up: My Birthday (plus a slews of giveaways) some very fun local car shows, the county fair and some home projects that need to get finished!