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Welcome to the new Katty Delux Blog.  After 4+ years of blogging from Chronicles of a Sweet Tooth, exclusively, my needs as a blogger, and as a person trying to stay sane from all social media, I decided it was time to merge.

I run my own modeling website, www.kattydelux.com, on top of all other social media platforms and this space was beginning to feel old, uninspired, and I found that my voice was getting smaller and quieter.  So merging is the direction I felt it going.  This blog will continue to be published here, on blogger, but will also be pushed to my website for view there as well.

In addition to merging everything, I am also write new things, promoting new stores, and prompting new ideas to keep my writing fresh and my ideas new.  So, onto the new-ness.

Mondays will be a fun new way to explore the "how to's" in your life.  Sometimes I find myself in a situation thinking "How do I do __________?"  Well, you can now join me here, every Monday, to learn a new task, or skill.  (If you ever want to know  about a certain skill or just want a specific on how to do something, leave your question in the comments and I will put it in the list of how to posts!)

I love thrifting.  I fact, I think thrifting is one of my favorite things to do.  I do it with the Mr. and especially my best gal pal Devyn.  Sometimes I even do it all alone.  It is like a solace when I need to quite my thoughts.

I have found some AMAZING finds, some of which were extremely valuable, and some that are just hilarious finds.  I have also clothed myself for many events in the best vintage I could have ever imagined.

Here are some of my tips in learn the "trade" of thrifting, and yes, there are certain things I always do, as if I am superstitious, but that is how it goes.

  1. Never be in a rush.  Never.  The reason I say this is because, when you are rushing you miss the details.  It is so easy to brush past a really great vintage piece because it is lodged between to horrible, trashed up Forever 21 shirts.
  2. Know when restocking days happen.  There are several thrift stores around my house, and I have learned when the racks and shelves get restocked.  It you are friendly to the associates that work there, I bet they will let you know that information too.
  3. Learn the sale days.  Most thrift stores have certain days of the year where they run things on sale.  They also have certain days of the week that particular items will be discounts.  In addition to that, some stores offer a discount stamp card to use towards future purchases or by signing up for their club card you get a discount every time you shop.
  4. Keep your tax receipts that are given for donations.  This one is a no brainer.
  5. If you purge an area in your house, immediately put your donation bag in you car.  Some stores will give you an in store discount simply for donating. I usually keep a small bag of items to donate in my car, cause I never know when the mood with strike to shop.
  6. You have to put in, to get out.  I firmly believe that the thrift store gods are more likely to bless you with great finds if you, yourself, are donating back into the system.  Plus if you are bringing home more goodies, you really should practice safe purchasing and purge your self of unwanted/unneeded items
  7. Help when and where you can.  When I am pursuing the racks, if I come across shirts that have fallen off the hanger, or just a mess match of items, guess what, I'm going to put it where it belongs, or put the shirt back on it's hanger.  Its just thrift store karma.  It will take me two seconds, it helps the associates, and makes it easier for the next customer.  
I hope some of these little tips and tricks helps you on your next thrifting adventure!  I would love to hear or see some of the wonders you have found while out and about

Stay Sweet,

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