Nearly Famous Pinup Wednesday: Dianna Prince

Dianna Prince Fan Metro on
Age: 38
Occupation: Pin Up Model and owner / modeling instructor at The Dianna Prince Pin Up Academy in San Diego, CA. Where are you from: I am from Tucson, AZ
Favorite photographer to work with: Hard to say. I have many I adore. Robert Bennett, Gwendolyn Tundermann and California Photo Dreams, I've worked with often and loved every time!
Artist/Photographer/location of featured photo(s) Robert Bennett, Gwendolyn Tundermann and California Photo Dreams

Tell me about your featured photo(s). When were they taken? Why are they your favorite? 
1st images are from my 1st shoot with Robert Bennett, almost a year ago. what I love is that it was our 1st shoot and def set the tone for such fabo images for future shoots! The location at a train park was awesome. I have shot many, many times with Robert over the past yr and all my major projects he's usually involved in! Also one of the few photographers who gives me a budget for wardrobe for our shoots! Thats' awesome! He also shoots many students and models of mine. He also has a huge, nice studio in San Marco, CA. Our work will grace the cover of an awesome pin up mags August 2014! Will be our 1st cover. We just shoot an epic re-creation shoot of Marilyn Monroe and will grace cover of another amazing mag this summer!
2nd set of images was from my 1st shoot w Gwendolyn Tundermann! She is one of the few female photographers I have ever worked with. She's a professional wedding and vridal photographer! Her studio is adorable and I love all the painted walls, vintage sofas, back drops and props! We laugh and talk and its so fun shooting with her, She has a new online store with designer, vintage finds and I am one of her new models, " Sweet Bisou " on esty and Our Cleopatra re-creation shoot will grave the cover of mag in July!
3rd set by California Photo Dreams by Val. Val is one of the best, top notch, highest quality and just super flawless images! These images from our 1st shoot. Actually taken at my home. Our work has graced the covers of 2 fabo mags recently. April and May! He has made some amazing " cinemagraphs " of me and alot of awesome videos of me behind the scenes and for my show, " Dianna Prince's Pin Up Closet ". He is so creative! we also produced a short, silent, black and white film! And we always have fun when we shoot!
How long have you been modeling/enjoying photography?
I have been modeling since I was like 18 but went to modeling school at a young age. I moved to LA in '99 and left 2010. I learned alot, wa sin SAG and worked hard to live there. I began nude modeling professionally just before I left LA. I continued back in AZ. It had been good to me. I love pin up nudes! I only began pin up like a yr n half ago! From 1st shoot til last I have always been prepared, confident and had tons of sheer fun! There are times I have shot 3 days n one week and did that for 3 weeks in a row, plus teach! I am also a stay at home wife and mom!

Who are your favorite Pinup Models? Past or present inspiration? Past, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield, Betty Page. Present, Dita, Sandra Wilson, Katty DeLux. I don't really follow many of today's pin ups, there is so many! The 3 I mentioned, I look up to, give me inspiration and I take the time to follow and learn from!
What is some of your favorite clothing lines? Favorite Designers? Hummmm, well I'm not really into labels. I try and never repeat and outfit when I shoot for mags, so I have to budget my funds wisely. I'm not not into labels, more into the look and fit. Secrets in Lace looks fabo and would love to buy one day. Also Dita's new line looks amazing. and I just premiered my one of a kind corsets by La Kiss Boutique. I'd say at this point in my life I am into real vintage clothing. I have such few items I own. I love modeling it as well!
If you could shoot with any photographer, past or present, who would it be? Wow, present? Anyone who shoots Dita, lol. Past? Bunny Yeager. I would love to be like her one day. She was a model and she taught models how to pose and photographed them!
What is your favorite color and why? I guess Pink. I used to hate it because that's the color my mom always wanted me to wear. So got tired of so much pink! But now I love it! lol.
If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead who would it be? Idk. Some icons I adore, I think I;d rather not meet personally. Its almost like watching a documentary on their life. Acn be super interesting but the way I see them I want to keep that image in my mind! Plus I doubt I could eat with a fav star of mine at table. I guess, hummmmm past Marilyn Monroe. Present, Pam Grier aka Foxy Brown, aka Sheba Baby. I am doing a re-creation of her June 10th we Gwendolyn Tundermann!
How did you get your model name? Well my real name is Kandi Andres. I selected " Dianna Prince " from the org TV show Wonder Woman. Her name was Dianna Prince and she was an amazon from Paradise Island! Most comic book fan know where my modeling name is from! Linda Carter was and still is stunning!


  1. I really don't like talkin smack about others. But this has gone on long enough! I want to warn the photographic and model world of a woman I had worked with a few months back. Miss Diana Price has came to me about a few ideas she had with pinup and such stylized shoots. Now this is solely my opinion and this is what I believe to be true about this woman and her "company". The first shoot she was FOUR HOURS LATE! Never answered my calls texts and Facebook messages the entire time. I ended up having to leave because if the fact I had to pay a babysitter for a FREE shoot. So already this costed me money. Gas, my time ($99/hour) and my assistants fees and babysitter. She was angry and blamed me for why they were late and that she doesn't answer he phone during shots.... In my option if you are running late wouldn't you notify your photographer?....oh well, I have her the benefit of the doubt and decided to shoot again with her. Fast forward two weeks to the "Cats Pajamas Charlie's Angels Shoot" I showed up on time to her home to make sure everyone stays on schedule. After everyone was done she decided to have everyone drink some alcohol at 11am. (Very unprofessional, you do not drink before a shoot because it makes your skin blotchy) we were 45 mins late. She's was rude. We had a transgender in our model group with whom Diana Price "didn't want to shoot with because she was too ugly to shoot with" her words not mine. (That was a HUGE RED FLAG) the shoot went smoothly ALL the models were AMAZING (Angel Tharpe Anhelica's Awakening Danielle Esplanade Estella Guerrero Gambino and Tawney)!!!! Once the shoot was over, I had asked how to give everyone the images. I use an online gallery that you can download the images and password protected. She started flipping out saying that I "should have read her rules and guidelines" but my question is how can I read a file I didn't even knew existed? Then she started lying to the models that they would not receive their images which was the only lie. I assured every model they would receive there images and I had delivered. Since then Diana Prince has been slandering my name and Business name through the dirt. She has treated her models like crap. I am warning you San Diego and Las Vegas to be on the look out. She is a fraud who is only after the money and has no other interest in this business besides "fame and money" again this is in MY opinion and I wanted you to know that because of her lies she is destroying my business. Telling all the models here to not work with me. I do plan on taking this awful woman and her company to court for slander and deformation of character. I have meeting this week with several lawyers To find the best fit for this issue

    1. By the way, she is doing the same thing in Las Vegas when it comes to slandering photographers and models who see how insecure this woman is. She brings in her marriage drama to the models. That is none of my business and you won't get any sympathy from any woman that treats her husband the way she talks bad about him.

      As for fame and money, she has nothing. So suing her for slander and defamation of character, you won't see a dime of that money. She can barely pay her cell phone bill. Which is why I had to message her via facebook to get a hold of her since her cell phone got turned off for a few days.

  2. I only attended two classes, and yes she is very unprofessional. What kind of instructor has to drink while she is pretty much messing up model's hair. She doesn't have a beautician's license in Nevada, and while she is doing on models hair the other model is on their own with the photographer. So when she says it's a class to instruct models on how to pose, it's usually for the model she finishes last. By then she has had two maybe three cans of Beer. Again really unprofessional to be "teaching" a class while under the influence. In one class the photographer was very professional and his edits after the photo shoot was amazing. The second class the photographer was boarder line creeper, and his edits are so awful. The composites he did with the photo was so unrealistic. To me he just copied and pasted my body onto some stock back drop image. And she says this is her best photographer she has ever worked with...

    I started to look at some of her so called magazines and publications she get's into. They are full of spelling and grammar mistakes. She actually writes the way she speaks, and makes up words. I would not consider any of her magazines as true publications at all.

    I wish I saw this blog before I ever worked with her. For her to say she would not work with a transgendered model and say he/she is ugly is just awful. I would say she needs to look at her own photos, but maybe her one lazy eye, she thinks she looks beautiful... Her so called Coco Monroe look she tries to do, she looks more like Tranny Monroe.