Tattoo Tuesday

Name or Alias: Christine Roby
Age: 25
Occupation: Active Duty Air Force
Age of first tattoo: 18
Favorite tattoo: Sugar skull
Featured tattoo/location: shoulder blade
Artist/shop/location of feature tattoo: Jeremy Miller/ Pigment Dermagraphics/ Austin TX

1) about your featured tattoo- is there a background story about why you chose it, or maybe a special meaning?
I love traditional tattoos and I love to put a new age twist on them. My sugar skull is absolutely different than any other sugar skull you will ever see, and that's important to me. Taking tradition and making it modern.

2) Do you have any other tattoos? If so, what do you have and where? I have 14 tattoos. I have a baby owl with a top hat on my under arm, a broken hourglass bleeding into a rose on my outer arm, a lucky 7 horse shoe with 4 aces on my thigh, tribal on both sides of my ribs, headphones on my lower back, and many many more.

3) Do you plan on getting more? I am absolutely addicted to tattoos and will get them for the rest of my life.

4) How do your family and friends feel about your tattoo(s)? Have you run into any adversity or negativity because of them? My dad doesnt believe in body modification, and is extremely Catholic. I cover my tattoos out of respect for him when I visit home, but I display them proudly everywhere else. Being in the military means I have to pay special attention to tattoo placement and size in order to stay within regulations.

5)What's the most interesting experience you've ever had in regards to your tattoos?
I have to say having people from all over the world call me every time I am featured in a tattoo magazine is the most interesting thing they have brought me. My artist travels the world doing tattoo conventions, and has even been on the popular show Ink Masters! I find photos of my tattoos everywhere from magazines to the internet to business cards!

6) Any advice for those interested in getting tattooed but haven't gotten one yet?
You get what you pay for, plain and simple.  Save up your money for quality work, and don't get flash art. You should want your tattoos to be unique and not have the same hello kitty tattoo as 500 other girls. I highly recommend doing your research and travel if you have to! Don't limit yourself to one scratcher in your small hometown who will tattoo you on his couch.

7) What is your least favorite part of being tattooed? Do you have any stories/advice to people who are not tattooed?
Getting tattooed sucks! I hate every minute of it, but being able to express yourself through art on your body is amazing. I never go to my tattoo artist with a drawing of what I want, it would stifle his creativity. I tell him a basic idea like "sugar skull" or "baby owl" and he makes it his own. I love to see the progression his his work, too. Hes been my artist for 5 years and every tattoo is better than the last. 

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