Tattoo Tuesday

Name: Sabra Bunger/Stormy Trooper
Age: 43 years old
Occupation: I work in a call center
Age of first Tattoo:  i was 20 years old when i got my first tattoo
Featured Tattoo: my feature tattoo is of my son and it was done by Glendon Thomas at KC Ink

A lot of my ink work have meanings, but this one is a favorite picture of my son
I have lost count as to how many tattoos I have. Both of my arms are full sleeves, including my hands. My chest, back and legs are also tattooed. I do plan on getting even more.
I think my family has just gotten used to me having new tattoos all the time. For the most part everyone I meet always compliments the art work that I have. If there is any negativity, I think people keep that pretty much to themselves.
I always get asked about the stories of specific ones.

My advice would be to think a long time about what you want and why you want to get a tattoo, and where you would like to place it.  Will it effect job prospects? Is it just a phase or something you are serious about?  Make sure it has a meaning to you.
My least favorite part about being tattooed is that it has caused some problems with jobs in the past, but I wouldn't change a thing.  More businesses are becoming open minded about tattoos and realizing that it doesn't effect the type of person it is.

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