Nearly Famous Pinup Wednesday ~ Kelsey R

 Kelsey Roberts.

Age: 30 
Occupation: Complex Legal Research Consultant

Where are you from: Dodge Center, Minnesota

Favorite photographer to work with: So many talented people who are just amazing- a few recent favorites are Elizabeth Renee Photography, Rick Andersen of Hitman Photographics David Bram, John Thornbrugh of Street Metal Images, KC PhotoEye, R. Scott Anderson of Anderson Artwork, Chris Dorsey, Gene Starr, David Michael, Rebel Photos, and the Foto Fairy. I have so many other great photographers I am working with in 2014, too. I feel very blessed! 

Artist/Photographer/location of featured photo(s)
How long have you been modeling/enjoying photography? Almost 19 years with a 7 year break after having my son. I started modeling again about 2 years ago. 

Who are your favorite Pinup Models? Jane Russell (also a native Minnesotan & a distant relation... By marriage. But still!) and Marilyn Monroe (A woman who was constantly underestimated but she made an iconic life from hard beginnings. I admire her drive & ambition to be something far different from what social norms dictated for her circumstances. Her life wasn't easy & it was tragically short but she was something special.) 

Past or present inspiration? I am most inspired by the everyday, normal women I meet who put themselves out there as pin up models. They are beautiful, confident & promote body positive attitudes just by being themselves. I love that!

What is some of your favorite clothing lines? Ark & Co, Burberry, Steady.

Favorite Designers? Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCarthy.

If you could shoot with any photographer, past or present, who would it be? Annie Leibovitz: her work is moving, surprisingly intimate & interesting. 

What is your favorite color and why? Red! It just makes me happy. 

If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead who would it be? My grandparents & Dad. I miss them a lot... I'd love to even just to be able to hug them again. 

How did you get your model name? I didn't consider using a professional name when I started out as it wasn't that common to do so and I have continued to use my real name. 

What is your favorite city to visit and why? Ko Olina, Hawaii. Family time in paradise is pretty hard to beat. Mountains , volcanoes, the ocean, dolphins, whales and lush trees all in one very laid back place. Plus it's a great place to sky dive! 

Do you have a favorite song or artist? I'm loving the Black Keyes,  currently. I love all music though: Billy Idol, Prince, R.E.M., George Michael, Brahms, Chopin, Yo-Yo Ma, Eminem, Tech N9ne, Citizen Cope, The Crystal Method, Rolling Stones, Bella Fleck, The Ramones, Buzzcocks, The Band that Saved the World. It all makes me happy! 

I am a huge fan art in general: Chagall, David Salle,
Matisse, Van Gogh, Degas, and Rodin are all time favorites.

 I'd like to include the link to CT Magazine UK because I feel I wrote a nice little piece about disability & chronic medical conditions that can be so harmful to a woman's soul. The stigma is awful!!- I'm trying to help change the way women who suffer chronic acute health issues see themselves as well as how others see them. Otherwise it would just be some pictures but... I wish someone had taken me aside and explained I wasn't broken or less of my disability because it sure felt that way. Maybe the article will help someone. I have had an overwhelming response from people all over the world and I'm so pleased I could help some people who needed it, 

"Triumph Over Adversity, Inspirational Story of Kelsey Roberts"

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