Tattoo Tuesday

William Eastridge
Full time college student/Server
18 When I got my 1st tattoo

Favorite/Featured tattoo is my black and grey dragon on my left forearm.  The only color in this tattoo is the dragon's blue eye. 

This tattoo was done by Cooper at Keepsake Tattoos in Arlington Virginia.  The story behind it is that dragons were mythical creatures and the ones with blue eyes are said to be extremely rare.  I wanted something different than what everyone else was getting as far as dragons go.  I chose the location and have always loved black and grey work. 

2) I have 8 other tattoos. A ghangi symbol for husband on the back of my neck in color.  A ghangi symbol for summer on my right bicep.  Above that tattoo I have a sun that is a little different and almost resembles the godsmack sun.  On my right forearm I have an ambigram for life and death.  When I look down at it I see it spelling out life, when everyone else looks they see it spelling out death.  On my left shoulder blade I have a lion ripping it's way out of my skin.  On my left bicep I have a white tiger head in some color.  On the outside of my right forearm I have 1 inch letters in cursave spelling out an exes name, biggest mistake I have made lol.  And lastly I have my initials that I drew up right above my left peck in red and black

3) I have plans for several more. I plan on turning my exes name on my forearm into a full chinese inspired theme with the biggest part being a koi swimming up my arm starting at my wrist. 

4) My family and friends have been extremely receptive and positive to  my tattoos, other than the obvious one of getting an exes name.  I have never encountered any negativity involving my tattoos.  I firmly believe that just being tattooed doesnt and shouldn't include us into any stereotype.  A lot of the time we are misunderstood before anyone has the chance to get to know us.  We are people just like everyone else. 

5) The most interesting experience I had because of tattoos actually came after a job interview for a supervisor position.  Of course I wore appropriate clothing in order to present myself in a better light, but after the interview I was asked if I had any tattoos.  I told the guy that I had several but am able to cover them up, he asked to see them.  After seeing them he said that they were pieces of art and needed to be displayed and that he would never make me cover them up for my position.

6) The only advice I can give for people thinking of getting a tattoo is do your research.  Research the shop, the artist, and look at porfolios or other works from the artist you will be getting tattooed by.  As tattoos have become more and  more popular there have been several fly by night shops open all over the country.  If you do your due deligence you can avoid getting tattooed from someone who doesn't use the proper safey requirements.  

7) My least favorite part of any tattoo is the shading.  Unlike the rest of the tattoo, the shading for me is the most annoying.  The only thing I can say for those who are not tattooed is this, those of us who are tattooed are people just like everyone else.  A lot of the times our tattoos tell a story and we display them just as a galleria does pieces of art.  To us our tattoos are art and our bodies are the canvas.  Do not let someone elses preconceived notion or idea judge us.  Tattoos are not what they once were.  They are growing in popularity and more and more people are getting them.  Before you call us trashy or convicts do me one favor, get to know the person "behind" the ink.

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