4 Valentines Date Ideas

There are a lot of people out there that do not love or support Valentine's Day, due to the commercialism.   I, however, love Valentine's Day.  There is always someone in your life that you can show love to, and really it doesn't have to be on one selected day, but I still like the idea of a day of proclamation.  

Here are 4 date ideas to celebrate with your significant other, or you best gal pal, or even your parent(s).

photo by vixen pinup photography
Annie Cherry a local KC performer
1.  Burlesque.  Why not celebrate the sexiest day of the year with a sexy show?  Many cities now have started supporting the wonderful underground movement of Burlesque.  You would be hard pressed to not find a group in your city. 

2. First Date.  Do you remember your first date with your partner?  Why not play upon those early day by setting up your first date, as a part deux.  Now, my first date happen a while ago, and I do not even live in the same city that it happened in, but I can remember all the details!  That is part of the fun of this idea.

3. All Desserts.  A lot of couples venture outside their homes for dinner on Valentine's Day, but have you ever thought about going out only for desserts? I have an immense sweet tooth, and the idea of enjoying a flight of desserts!

4. Pizza & a Movie.  I love the heart shaped pizza that Papa Murphy's puts out every year for Valentine's Day, and if you are on a budget, then it something that is sweet and right up your alley.  Plus, who doesn't love pizza and a movie?

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