Tattoo Tuesday

Name or Alias: Molly Lovescoffee Age:24 Occupation: Home Healthcare Aide/Private Duty Nurse Age of first tattoo: 23 Favorite tattoo: My wrists Featured tattoo/location: Crimson Heart Designs Tattoo's & Piercings Artist/shop/location of feature tattoo: Same location, Darren Hose'
about your featured tattoo- is there a background story about why you chose it, or maybe a special meaning? I have struggled with body image since I was young.. I was either too heavy, too skinny, too dark, too ME. So choosing to have my manta "Perfectly Imperfect" tattooed on me only made sense... It was me finally affirming to myself that YES I truly believe these words I tell myself everyday enough to remind myself the rest of my life!
2) Do you have any other tattoos? If so, what do you have and where? I have a Hello Kitty head outline on my right shoulder in memory of my best friend who passed away a little over 5 years ago... It needs to be touched up. :)
3) Do you plan on getting more? YES! Absolutely. I will stop when my pulse does.
4) How do your family and friends feel about your tattoo(s)? Have you run into any adversity or negativity because of them? At first there were tears(seriously) some anger, some serious disapointment on my parents end. My mother's because I was too afraid to tell her for MONTHS, and my father because I was going against his belief system.
5)What's the most interesting experience you've ever had in regards to your tattoos? My kids! They love them! If I am wearing a shirt that shows my "kitty" as my daughter calls it she will sit and trace it with her fingers for as long as I can sit. Having the love from them and seeing the creativity they have inside them bursting out in the form of their own "tattoo's"(magic marker) warms my heart.
6) Any advice for those interested in getting tattooed but haven't gotten one yet? Research! You don't HAVE to be tattoo'd by the first person who says they are a artist.. Nor the 5th or 6th. Follow your instinct and make sure you are getting the best work you can! PLEASE don't go to a cheap person just so you can afford it right then.. If you want it bad enough... SAVE. It will still be wanted the same in a year if you REALLY want it!  

7) What is your least favorite part of being tattooed? Do you have any stories/advice to people who are not tattooed? I don't have any. My tattoo's are my therapy, closure, happiness, and my biggest vice. Yes I get the judgement... But anyone can get that for any reason. You can be the juiciest peach in the world... And someone will still hate peaches. <3

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