Tattoo Tuesday

Name: Jose Hernandez 
 Occupation:  PickUp and Delivery Manager at FedEx Ground
 Age of first tattoo:  29
 Favorite tattoo:  Sugar skull pinup
 Featured tattoo / location:  Sugar skull pinup
 Artist / shop / location of feature tattoo:  All my tattos by Erika Jones at Hidden Hand Tattoos in Seattle, WA.  Sugar skull in on my back.

 Tattoo meanings:  The sugar skull in my back is the duality of life and how beautiful and scary it can be.  The 4 roses are for each of my children.  The pinup is meant to be my wife. 
 Other Tattoos:  On my left arm is the "Hecho En Mexico" stamp as a recognition that I was "made in mexico" but I'm an "export" of sorts.  The feathered serpent is Quetzalcoatl, the God that sacrificed himself to bring humanity back to life represents my parents' sacrifice of leaving their home to give us an opportunity.  The tattoo on my right is the virging praying using my grandma's (whom died 20 years ago) rosary.  The sacred heart is present as a reminder of a father's everlasting love.

 Do you plan on getting more:  Yes

 How do your family and friends feel about your tattoos:  I am tattoed and proud. My parents have never agreed with it. I remember when I was young they always used the religion card. "If God intended on you being colored like a coloring book he would have sent you that way" or "God is letting you borrow this body, is that the way you want to return it?" While I lived with them I never got a tattoo because their house, their rules. My wife got one while in Vegas and a year later I decided to get my first one. I called up my mom and told her I was doing it. I told her I was not asking for permission but simply I did not want grief about it. After that she went and got her eyebrows and lips because "it was purely cosmetic and it's not like she was getting drawings on herself unlike me". After that I got my second and third. When I got my third she nearly cried and said they were "gangster" tattoos. She has not said a word to me about it but now she uses me as an example of what not to do. Of course my son, who happens to be her favorite grandson, tells her he likes my tattoos and will get some when he gets older and well that doesn't help. I don't discourage my son I simply tell him when the time comes I will guide him so he doesn't make a foolish decision. BTW I am employed (manager at FedEx), have a wife, 4 kids, and graduated from college. My parents always said tattoos were only for people in jail...….

 Most intersting experience you've ever had in regards to your tattoos:  People's reactions (faces) when they see my tattoos.  It's a wide variety but always interesting.

 Any advice for those intersted that don't have any:  Do your homework.  Make sure you know what you want and where you want it.  Play devil's advocate.  Also really research the artist and shop.  Cleanliness and professionalism is very important.

 Least favorite part of being tattooed:  None

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