Nearly Famous Pinup Wednesday ~ Christa C

Name // blog name//website: Christa C.

Age:41 (yes, really...and no, no surgeries)

Occupation: Mom, Wife, Designer, Artist, Model, Chiropractic Assistant

Where are you from: I was born in St. Louis Mo, Raised outside of Chicago ( South Side) and now live in the North West Suburbs of Chicago

Favorite photographer to work with:I can only narrow it down to 2 ( though there are many that I adore working with) 

1. Michael Barton of Michael Barton Art.  Aside from being one of my favorite people, I love his eye, and the often dark moodyness of his work...he also does very little retouching, which can be refreshing.  We seem to be able to take an idea that either one of us has, bounce it around between ourselves and come out with something new,  unusual, and inspired.
2. Michael Jones of MYK Productions.  Not only is he one of my very old friends, he also is the reason I am on this modeling journey.

Artist/Photographer/location of featured photo(s) Photo 1. MYK Productions. HMUA/ Stylist; self.
Photo 2. and 3- Michael Barton Art, HMUA/ Stylist: self.
Photo 4. Randall Bullen. HMUA/ Stylist: Self
Photo 5: Jack Hall HMUA/ Stylist: Self
Photo 6: Cadence Gamache ( now McCarrol) HMUA/ Stylist: Self
Photo 7: BillK HMUA/ Stylist: Self
Photo 8 and 9 :John Schalk HMUA/ Stylist: Self ( airplane courtesy the gauntlet warbirds )

How long have you been modeling? My very first shoot was in July of 2011, but that was only to treat myself after losing almost 80 pounds in 7 months. In August of 2012, was my first shoot with Michael of MYK, and I haven't really looked back since ( though he did have to push me a bit to make up my mind to jump in!)

Who are your favorite Pinup Models? The ever popular Bettie Page, for her joy, and her teasing. Dita Von Teese for her sultryness and bringing back the art form. Veronica Lake for her hair! Rita Hayworth for her ease.

Past or present inspiration? I find that both well known models as well as less known inspire me.  The position of a hand here, the tilt of a head there, eye makeup or colors from there. Inspiration is also found all around a locations, paintings, or colors.

What is some of your favorite clothing lines? For day to day life, like Glamerita  for funky accessories ( like an obi corset best made of old neck ties)  ( from Etsy) as well as Econica. Econica is based out of Canada and makes custom items out of organic materials and dyes. They are well made , simple and classic as well as a little sexy.  ( and wash and wear).and quite reasonably priced.
Favorite Designers? My day to day tends to be pretty pared down, but if I could have a dress made by would probably be Dior.

For modeling, it depends on the look...sometimes I am going for urban primitive, retro pin up, old Hollywood...each shoot has it's own look,and therefore it's own type of clothing ....I find I get quite a bit for shoots at thrift stores, or Etsy and really you never know what you will find there.

If you could shoot with any photographer, past or present, who would it be? At the moment, Laura Dark, who is still very much alive. Or if I am dreaming big..Horst Diekgerdes

What is your favorite color and why?A toss up between Purple and turquoise. Why? Turquoise because it evokes for me the mid century era...the googie and the modern.  There was a certain whimsy then, that was appealing to me. And purple, I love it's depth and richness.  But do we really need a why for favorite colors...they just appeal to something in us, do they not?

If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead who would it be? Albert Einstein

How did you get your model name? My name really IS Christa .

What is your favorite city to visit and why? Again, a toss up between Hong Kong and London.  Hong Kong because of it's frenetic energy, and the feeling that it is caught between old China and a modern city. Old Buddhist temples next to modern shopping malls...diesel taxis zipping around tiny little old ladies carrying loads on their backs.  The GREEN that gives you the impression that if left alone, it would take over the city.  The mountain coated in concrete with trees poking through...the view from the Peak...the night markets...
London....the sense of age, and the classic feeling of it.  Stepping  off the plane at Heathrow...I had this odd feeling of coming "home" , which aside from actually being home, I had never felt anywhere else.  England feels "comfortable" to me.

Do you have a favorite song or artist? iPod is a very schizophrenic place...A-ha to AFI, Carl Orff to The Chemical Brothers, Echo and the Bunnymen to Electric Hellfire Club, Nine Inch Nails to Nerf Herder...along with Elmore James, BB King, KoKo Taylor, Korn and many more...almost 6000 songs and hundreds of artists ....I love music!

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