Forever Your Lingerie Review

Being in the pinup industry, I am alway searching the web for places to purchase wonderful garments.  I believe I have just found the most amazing company to buy from, ForeverYoursLingerie.

Not only do they have some really unique things, but their customer service is impeccable.  Seriously, impeccable.

Let me explain.  I order several pair of stockings, placed the order, then drifted off to night night land.  The next day, I had received a phone call on my phone, but since I was at work, I let it go to voice mail.  During lunch I checked it, and it was a woman from FYL.  She called to let me know one of the items was out of stock, but she had a similar item in stock.  She left a personal phone number to reach her AND emailed me also.

I returned her email to let her know it would be fine to substitute the item.  Upon doing this the company gave me a partial refund.  Um…can we say wow to the service yet?

A thank you card?  Are you sure you are not southern?

Uhhhh free chapstick.  Yes Please!

Hand written note?  Keep em' coming.

Stellar packaging?  You had me at hello.

When I did get my items, it was packaged with care, wrapped up beautifully and came with a personal note, and chapstick (that is delicious).  I will continue to shop with this company and I hope you look into it too!

Forever Your Lingerie = 5 stars

Stay Sweet,

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