Tattoo Tuesday

Name or Alias: Emily (Or Tugboat to my fiancĂ©) Age: 18 Occupation: Full-time student and boarding kennel manager Age of first tattoo: 18
Favorite tattoo: My only one
Featured tattoo/location: Right outer Thigh Artist/shop/location of feature tattoo: Syndicate Tattoo; Manhattan, KS 66502
Please tell us about your featured tattoo- is there a background story about why you chose it, or maybe a special meaning?
I chose my tattoo because it’s been my motto for a long time. The tattoo is a quote that says: “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”  I have lived by this Dr. Seuss  motto my entire grade school career because I believe that in order for something to get done, and done right, you have to care about what you’re doing.
2) Do you have any other tattoos? If so, what do you have and where? No, I don’t have nay other tattoos.  This was my first!

3) Do you plan on getting more? Yes Ma’am I do! I already went and got my next one appraised so that I can start saving up for it!
4) How do your family and friends feel about your tattoo(s)? Have you run into any adversity or negativity because of them? My mom isn’t completely sold on the idea, and her mother is completely prepared to disown me because of this, but I don’t care. It’s my body, my art, my expressions.
5) What's the most interesting experience you've ever had in regards to your tattoos? The only thing that I’ve had happen with my tattoo so far is that it’s getting swollen, and I didn’t get the apostrophe put on the “It’s”... Once it’s all healed up, I’m going to go back and get it fixed.

6) Any advice for those interested in getting tattooed but haven't gotten one yet?  Take a friend with you. It does help. They’re there to keep you calm. While they’re doing the tattoo, RELAX! You’ll forget that it’s happening until the artist stops. Don’t mess with the tattoo once it’s done, and be sure to keep it clean and dry. ALSO! If it’s hurting to the point where you can’t bare it, find and aloe plant and put some of the goo on it. It’s natural and won’t clog your pores.
7) What is your least favorite part of being tattooed? Do you have any stories/advice to people who are not tattooed? My least favorite part right now is that it hurts all the time.  I’ve talked to two “veterans” of getting tattooed, and they both say that it’s normal, and that it’ll hurt for about 10 days before being better.

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