Tattoo Tuesday

Name: Angela Lexow
Age: 39
Occupation: Artist/Yoga instructor
Age you got your first tattoo: 1st tatt at 36 years old
Favorite tattoo: henna piece
Featured tattoo location: arm/shoulder
Artist / Shop / Location: Tatts by Looking Glass Tattoo and Gallery (Judith White and Chris Lyon)

Please tell us about your featured tattoo: 
I chose henna/mehndi because many years ago a friend of mine and I used to give her mother’s spa clients henna tattoos during open house days. We had them too and I never wanted them to fade away!  The newest part going down my arm in still in progress.
Do you have any other tattoos? If so, what do you have and where?
Other tatts- The half sleeve is connected all the way up my shoulder and around to my shoulder blade. I also have a Celtic mandala tattoo on my lower back.  That one has several meanings that are very personal.
Do you plan on getting more?
Yes, I plan on more!  Going to continue the half sleeve to the inside of my arm. I will probably do something else on my back from the Celtic tattoo.

How do your family and friends feel about your tattoo(s)? Have you run into any adversity or negativity because of them?
My friends are fine with my tattoos and many have their own. My family?  lol – that is another story.... My dad shrugs his shoulders and says “whatever! I don’t get it but its your body!” My mom DESPISES them and won’t even speak of them to me.  She talks to my husband, kids, friends about them, but not me. I guess she is trying to avoid an argument (?) She did tell my sons, “back in my day only people in biker gangs got tattoos!”  Lol – My kids told her things have changed A LOT.  Occasionally I get a dirty look, usually from older women, but I just shrug it off.
What's the most interesting experience you've ever had in regards to your tattoos?
Most interesting experience? – Because I am an artist, my studio is open every First Friday.  I usually wear something that shows my tatts.  I have had many women tell me they don’t usually like tattoos, but mine is tasteful  I also had a 80 year old lady ask me once where I get my work done. Then she proceeded to tell me where she has gotten all 8 of her tattoos done!
Any advice for those interested in getting tattooed but haven't gotten one yet?
Advice? – Research shops and tattoo artists before you get a tattoo.  Be sure you like the work done there and that they are clean and safe.  Try to find a tattoo artist that is truly an artist (creating more than just tattoos).  Then you can  take a general idea of what you want in, and let them add their touch to it – it becomes  a piece of art on your body. 

What is your least favorite part of being tattooed? Do you have any stories/advice to people who are not tattooed?
My least favorite part of getting a tattoo is the healing – especially the “itch” stage!!  You have to try so hard not to touch it but it is crazy itchy!

Story to learn from – I decided to get my first tattoo without researching shops and artists. I just chose the only one I knew of in town.  When I went in, the artist seemed irritated to talk to me about my tattoo, but told me he would have a drawing in a week. I went back in a week and it was not done.  They said come back in 2 days. When I went back 2 days later, it was still not done.  He said come back tomorrow.  When I went in the next day he had a giant “drawing” done that was the outline of 3 fish in a circle (it did NOT look Celtic, it looked like a sportsman’s tattoo).  Being an artist, I went home and drew exactly what he drew in 5 minutes. I decided not to go back to him and that shop and just wait.  About a year later I was introduced to Looking Glass tattoo.  They are all amazing artists and made me feel comfortable and at ease RIGHT away.  That is the only place I will get my ink now.  And I am sure to tell everyone who asks they need to go there too. 

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