On loss and love, A Pet Story.

Do you remember getting your first pet?  Perhaps the animal was already in your home before you ever arrived, or maybe is was something you begged your parents for.  Mine was good and kind and sweet and his was wild and loved to run.  This is the story of getting my very first dog(s).

My brother and I are only 2 years apart in age, and for as long as I can remember he has always been someone I would boss around, but really I was just being bossy for his protection.  I mean, I spoke for him half the time. It wasn't like he didn't like to speak, but we just had this uncanny recognition of each other that I just knew what he wanted.  I still think that it is this way, even as adults, we still look for that acceptance in each other.  However, this has nothing to do with my dog story, besides just giving you a little back ground on my family.

I was in second grade, at the time, and my brother had yet to start kindergarten.  I believe him and I had wanted a dog for as long as I could remember, and we even got his lame ass imaginary friends in on the  'dog-gettin' scheme.  I mean, what child doesn't want a pet at some point in their life.  I don't remember where this dog came from, but we finally got it.  We name her ho-ho (duh I love sweets) and it was near winter, so I think Santa has something to do with it.  The dog was a heeler mix and she was fluffy and loved to run, and my brother and I had the best time chasing her around our yard.  Soon winter turned into warm months and well, being a child of the 80's we had no choice but to play outside, ride our bikes, chase our dog and wait for the Book-Moblie to visit our small town.

Every week this library on wheels would come to our town, park in the parking lot of our local gas station and allow you to check out books and videos from our neighboring big city.  It was the highlight of my week!

My mom drove this super sweet light blue Monte Carlo.  My brother and I had gathered up the books we had checked out the previous week and were ready to get in the car and get our next bevy of rented books.  So, we loaded up and headed out.  Side Note: our new-ish dog loved to chase after cars.

We pulled swiftly out of our driveway and head down the street, when all of the sudden we felt a huge bump, (and this being like the late 80's we had no seat belts on) I looked up and my mom and then to my brother and then out the back car window.  For a 7 year old I did some quick calculations and realized we had just ran over our dog!  My mom threw on the brakes, put the car into park and leaped out of the car and towards where our beloved Ho-ho was lying.  When I started to cry, my brother started screaming "murderer! murderer!" at the top of his lung to my mom.  Needless to say this made a horrible situation worse.

After we got our of the car, I can't really remember what happened next because a)my dog had died and b) we were so obviously not going to get to go to the Book-Mobile.  Horrible.  It was a dark day in our household.

When my dad got home, we were of course bummed.  My brother and I had no dog and no new books.    We buried our dog in our back yard (We lived in the country, people, no laws were broken).  I thought that this would be the end of our dog days, but little did I know we would soon be welcoming not one, but two new dogs into our lives!

Ho-ho was missed, but shortly after her death, my dad loaded us up in his truck and off to the humane society we went.  Of course, when you take children to see baby animals, there is going to be a lot of disagreement on what baby animal is going to be chosen.  In my 7 year old mind, it felt like we were there for a long, long time and of course my brother liked a totally different dog than I did, so naturally we did the right thing and rescued both dogs.

His dog was a blue heeler.  It has one blue eye, and one brown.  I think he liked that dog because it's markings were so close to Ho-ho's markings.  It was a tiny, little dog with a lot of personality.  Drumroll please………….we named it bubblegum.  

My dog was a white lab.  She was shy, and sweet.  I remember her being kind of fat for a puppy, but she was nice and cuddly and really that is all I wanted in a dog.  She, of course, was name lollipop.  

On our ride home, my dog puked on me and my brother's dog peed on him.  I mean, we all kind of got started off on the wrong foot.  Once we got home though, we knew that this would be great.  And that is where my love for dogs started.

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