Nearly Famous Pinup Wednesday ~ K.P. O'Malley

Name // blog name//website: K.P. O'Malley

Age: I'm a perfectly seasoned twenty-faux year old

Occupation: Corporate Trainer/Dream Chaser/Positivity Promoter/Actress/Burlesque Performer/Music Blogger/Unabashed Dork/Goofball

Where are you from: Kansas City, MO - the MidBest!! Woot! Woot!! <3<3

Favorite photographer to work with: My first shoot ever was with Vixen Pin-Up Photography. It was a present to myself for a major life accomplishment. I still to this day cherish  the photos from that shoot. They are a symbol of my strength and freedom - something that they were skilled enough to capture on film. I have no idea how those ladies do it, but they bring something out of me, some new inner beauty, every time. I'm always impressed with my sessions with them and they are still one of my favorites to shoot with, hands down.

Artist/Photographer/location of featured photo(s) 
1. Vixen Pin-Up Photography, MUA by The Candy Shop, Hair by Vintage Flare (from my 1st shoot ever, awwww lol)
2. Ooh La La Boudoir by Hilary Hope Photography, MUAH by Amanda Adams
3. Paper Moon Photography by Charlie Girl, MUA by The Candy Shop, Hair by Get Your Locks Off

How long have you been modeling/enjoying photography? 1 year

Who are your favorite Pinup Models? Past or present inspiration? The first "pin-up" I ever watched shoot was Katty DeLux (she was shooting at my very first shoot too and my jaw was just lying on the floor in awe, me thinking "I can't do that! She's incredible!!" So, I've always loved and admired her ;) Love me some Veronica Virgo, Sally Sparrow, Mosh - and of course the Classic Old Hollywood Starlets and Burlesque performers.

What is some of your favorite clothing lines? Favorite Designers? Stop Staring, Hell Bunny, Sourpuss, Bettie Page Clothing, Pinup Girl Clothing is like a dessert buffet for me - I must practice self control. Same with make-up, costume and wig sites - my imagination gets me into trouble sometimes lol

If you could shoot with any photographer, past or present, who would it be? Not a photographer but he often painted from photos/sketches, so, I ADORE Gil Elvgren!  Everything he did, all of it <3 it would be a DREAM to be painted by him! Or, more currently, Les Toil - he gives a lady's curves the love they deserve <3

What is your favorite color and why? Green and Purple (eye color and fave color) plus they both go well with red hair #teamread <3

If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead who would it be? oh, gosh....I only get to pick one? Ok, Mae West - I think it would be fascinating.

How did you get your model name? Well, I'm kinda bad at remembering names, so I used to call everyone pet names (also to kind of pretend I was a southern belle with the permission to call anyone, "sugar, doll, etc" accents are fun lol)  anyway, and I always liked the use of "Pants or Britches, etc" as a last name. So, quickly my friends and peers turned my own affectations on me and I became "Kitten Pants" and O'Malley is my last name. Actually, for years, people who had trouble pronouncing my REAL first name would just call me K.P. O'Malley. I have name tags from previous jobs that have that on it. It was easier than correcting people constantly :)

What is your favorite city to visit and why? You know, I haven't had the privilege to travel very much, so, I'd have to say New York City but I think that Paris would be an absolute dream. I'd love to visit Australia as well - the pin-up scene down there is AMAZING!
Do you have a favorite song or artist? Yes, like 50 million of them! lol So, top 5: The Beatles, Jeff Buckley, Tori Amos, Ani DiFranco, Led Zeppelin. This list is biased and life encompassing, because I also write for 2 music blogs, so my favorites change day to day. For example, I am really digging Little Comets - listening to them right now, actually lol

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