Celebrating the Season

I love this magical time of year!  It is not my very very favorite, as Halloween takes that cake, but I do love all the tradition that the end of the year holidays hold.  Decorating for Christmas has always been a big, big event in my house.  Growing up, we always put a lot of thought and energy into really having a good time, as a family, and making it special.

Most of my mothers collectable would come down, off the shelves, and holiday decor would go up in it's place.  We always had a real christmas tree that, as a family, we would go get.  I loved having the scent of pine/evergreen in our house throughout the month of December.  When my brother and I found the perfect tree, my dad would load it up, we would take it home and then the decorating began! My dad and mom had a pretty stellar collection of holiday vinyls that would be put on while we decorated the tree.

Sometimes with the hustle and bustle of this time of year, it is so easy to forget about these small memories and how they help shape who you are.  I still hold decorating a christmas tree is super high regard.  I love how it reminds me of the fun I had growing up, and I also love how it allows me, as an adult to have a curated collection of what goes on my tree now.

A big part of this season's celebration is wrapped around the notion of children, or families with children, so sometimes I think it is a little hard, as a small family (myself and the mr.) that doesn't have children to make our own traditions, however slowly but surely we are finding things that are sentimental and magical that helps us celebrate in our own way with our very untraditional family.

I can't wait to share with you all some of our favorite new traditions over the next few week and hope to hear about some of the ways you like to end your year!

Stay Sweet,

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