Thankful Thursdays

Something that I think is super easy to overlook is your health.  I am fortunate enough to live in a nation that has extremely high tech methods of healing.  This is both in the health care realm and in the holistic realm, however I think a lot of people still take both of those avenues for granted.

I am lucky that, while I have had to have two knee reconstructions, I don't have to wonder what it would be like to not get the attention I need, when I need it.

Additionally thinking about this, I am thankful that I live to be proactive about my health.  I pay attention to what I eat, I try to exercise, and also know that it also includes feeding and exercising my brain.

I hope that you are mindful about your health and if you aren't that you start making a move towards a healthier lifestyle.  This is not a soapbox, as I am far front the perfect picture of health, but it is always something I want to strive for, that being the perfect balance of health and wellness.

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