Sweet Taste of Freedom ~ Too Good Triangles

After reading this interview, I think I have fallen in love with a Canadian!  Not only is she hilarious, (I can see myself having the most fun adventures) but she can cook too!! You all know I am all about sweets, and this lady takes the cake!

1. Where are you from? Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

2. How did you get your business started? I would say that the seed for this business was planted when I was 7 years old.  That’s when I first got a taste of my grandmother’s yummy delish and highly addictive Too Good Squares and fell in love. This one-of-kind dessert is a mix between a butter tart and a chocolate chip cookie so it’s basically heaven in your mouth. About 15 years later I asked my grandmother for the recipe, switched it up a bit, turned them into triangles so that every piece had that signature crispy edge to go with its gooey center, and I began making them for friends and students of mine. Over time people started asking to buy full batches and in 2012, Too Good Triangles was born. Every Friday I give away 4 free batches in our TGT Freebie Friday Contest on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, and this has done a lot to spread the word about the bestest dessert in the entire history of ever. Many assume I have an actual store but I do my baking in my cute little kitchen, all of my orders are online, and 10% of ALL sales goes to the Cambridge & District Humane Society to help our furry friends. I do not sell TGT in stores or restaurants, although I get requests to do so quite regularly. 

3. What inspires you? Life itself. Nature, my home, my kitties, words, people who are fully themselves, technology.

4. How long have you been open and what are some of your favorite products? I launched Too Good Triangles in September 2012 and we recently celebrated our first year of business with “8 Days of Awesome”; a ton of freebies and sales for 8 days straight! It was SO much fun! I sell three versions of the same product: Classic TGT, Gluten-Free TGT and Vegan/Gluten-Free TGT, and my favourite has got to be the Vegan/Gluten-Free TGT. I’m not vegan myself, but the flavor of this version is unparalleled. Apart from the triangle shape, our Vegan TGT is totally different from the original and is best described as a nutty, chocolate fudge brittle. It’s our most popular of the 3 versions of TGT and 90% of those who eat them are not even vegan. Yes, they are THAT good!

5. What celebrities would you most like to eat your product? Ellen Degeneres and Russell Brand. My Vegan/Gluten-Free TGT recipe was created specifically for Ellen and I would love to see her and her wife, Portia (also vegan), fall in love with this dessert. As for Russell Brand (yet another vegan), I’m just looking for any excuse to meet my future husband. Plus, my tasty triangles will aid in his revolution. I’m not saying that the bestest dessert in the entire history of ever will change the world, but I am implying it.

6. If you had only one word to describe yourself, what would it be? Inspired.

7. What is your biggest pet peeve? It’s a tie between idling cars and litter bugs.

8. What are your favourite websites? I use Facebook like a mofo and adore www.todoist.com to keep my life organized.

9. What is your dream job? Not having one. Life spent between the beach, the forest, the kitchen, the computer, and the bedroom is my idea of heaven and I’m grateful every day for this simple and beautiful life I’ve created.

10. What would people be surprised to learn about you? Despite being a Pastry Pimp, I don’t have a sweet tooth. I do, however, have a penchant for steak and vodka.

Inspired Writer. Pastry Pimp. Social Media Whore. 

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