Nearly Famous Pinup Wednesday ~ Darlin Nikki

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Occupation:Police Dispatcher

Where are you from: Originally Holt a small town in the country where there's more livestock than people, but nowadays home is Kansas City Mo the Paris of the Plains

Favorite photographer to work with: Nikki Moreno-Whipple of Vixen Pin Up Photography

Artist/Photographer/location of featured photo(s):listed at bottom
How long have you been modeling/enjoying photography? I've always enjoyed photography and took classes in high school for it, but as for being on the opposite side of the camera in pictures I've only been doing it since July 2012.

Who are your favorite Pinup Models? Past or present inspiration? I actually love a ton of past pinup models from Jean Harlow to Rita Hayworth to Mae West to Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page I think they each brought their own beauty to the Pin Up world and I like to look towards all the past pinups for inspiration. My current day favorite would have to be Dita Von Teese, I think she has such a beautiful elegance about her as well as good head on her shoulders and she oooozes classic pinup beauty to me.

What is some of your favorite clothing lines? Favorite Designers? I'm a fan of several clothinglines but my top three would probably be Hell Bunny, Sourpuss, and Bettie Page Clothing. My favorite designer is currently Tatyana with Bettie Page clothing. I think she designs classic and versatile pieces for the line which are excellent wardrobe staple pieces.

If you could shoot with any photographer, past or present, who would it be? I would love to shoot with Annie Liebovitz. I've been a huge fan of her pictures for a long time and she has such a beautiful creative element to her shots.

What is your favorite color and why? I actually have 4 favorite colors Pink, Purple, Blue, and Black. Blue and Purple have been my favorite colors since childhood and I felt they were neutral in a way to like (I used to hate pink cuz I was adamant about not being considered too girly after all I wanted my gamer guy friends to take me serious). Then in my teens I added black to the mix because I really liked how the 3 colors looked together and how black seemed to go with everything and during those years it was a staple color in my wardrobe. And after high school I finally succumbed to my girlie side and added in pink and it became another wardrobe staple. 

If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead who would it be? I'd love to have a dinner with Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, and Helena Bonham Carter. I find them to be highly fascinating people and I'm a huge fan of their work and would love to converse with them to find out more about them. I absolutely love how they all embrace their unique quirkiness and tackle projects that may not become mainstream but for the simply for the artistic fun factor. 

How did you get your model name? It came about from a couple of factors. One is I've always gone by Nikki since I was itty bitty so I wanted to keep that as part of my persona. The other factor is 90% of the time when people find out I go by Nikki they start singing "Darling Nikki" to me (which is also a favorite song of mine). So when choosing my persona Darlin Nikki seemed like a perfect fit with my personality, being able to keep my name, as well as having a song that makes remembering it easy :) 

What is your favorite city to visit and why? I love to visit Las Vegas and Los Angeles and would actually love to move out there! I love Las Vegas cuz there's always something to do, the people watching is amazing, and it's just a very exciting city. Los Angeles is also great for people watching (one of my favorite pastimes) and there's so much history and cultural richness to the city it just leaves you in awe. And there's definitely no lack of something to do or see in the city. 

Do you have a favorite song or artist? My favorite artist and songs vary with my mood. My music collection is very eclectic, but currently I've been stuck on Lana Del Ray and The Great Gatsby soundtrack they've been on repeat on my iPod for at least 2 months (with lil breaks of other music in there as well)

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