A little change up

As this little blog continues to grow, change is inevitable, right?  In October, I will have had this little part of the internet for 3 years!  Where I started this blog is now three years in the past, and I feel like I have changed and grown so much in the last years.

The odd thing with change is that is happen so gradually that I barely seemed to notice that where I started is a very different place than where I am.  So gradually, that I didn't noticed that there had been any change, until I started to examine things.

It is not weird to me that I started to notice this as the seasons began to change.  I love change, and I love to constantly evolve.  With that, COAST is in for an overhaul.

I will continue to share, continue to write, and continue to blog, however my direction is changing.  Hopefully it is an endearing change and one that you will still love.  I want this space to be full of positivity, learning tools, inspiration, and FUN!

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