Thankful Thursday (My favorites)

I was taught at a very young age to have a thankful heart.  It not anything, a thankful heart.  I don't know whether it was upbringing, or southern tradition, but thank you cards and notes are not something reserved for wedding or baby showers, at least by what I was taught.

However, thankfulness is so much more than saying 'thank you'.  To me, it is truly taking the time to notice that someone, something, anything is giving enough of themselves, or itself, to recognize.  I want  to always move forward with gratefulness.  I want to always take notice of kindness.  I feel that it is super easy to miss, especially with how busy people are, how unattached from society we have become, and how little we actually know about one another.  I vaguely know my next door neighbors, I don't really know what my cousins are up to these days, I sometimes go a long while without actually talking to my siblings and parents, and all of that is very sad to me.

One of my favorite things, or a thing to be thankful for, is receiving something in the mail. I LOVE it more than anything, to open my mail box, and pull out something, hand addressed, just for me.  When someone takes the time to actually write you a note, or send you a little something, to me, that is everything.  When was the last time you received something in the mail, other than bills?  I bet it is hard to remember.

I am always looking for a Pen Pal.  If you live outside of the USA, please email me, and lets make each other thankful to check the mail again!

What is something you are thankful for?

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