Pop Sugar MustHave Box #8

I can't believe I have already received 8 of these boxes! I really do enjoy coming home, finding this box on my porch, and the unloading the goodness!!!  This box I feel had a good mix of items, ones that I will (and have already) used.

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I have seen this product when I was out shopping before, but had never tried it.  Well, not only is this moisturizer pretty awesome, I love the scent.  It is very light weight and dries almost instantly, which is perfect for summertime.  I will say the jar/dispenser is a little awkward, but I can look past that because the product is awesome.

Must Have Fashion ~ Gorjana & Griffin Zuma Scarf
I am a scarf lover, so I was super pleased to get this.  I love the color combo that I got (navy, white and neon pink) and this will look great carried into the fall. It is super long and a light scarf, perfect for summer date nights.  

I loved the first book, The Devil wears Prada, and I know I will love the second. In fact, I have loved all of Lauren W's books.  They are clever, a fun and easy read, and perfect for summer. Plus, it is a hard back edition! Thanks PopSugar!

I was sold on the packaging.  I love a clever idea with clever packaging.  The mints are good, and I would recommend them!

Must Have Extra ~ Popcorn, Indiana Fit Popcorn
One of my all time favorite snacks! This popcorn is good. I got the Extra Virgin Olive Oil flavor and I like it.  The Mr said eating it wouldn't make him lose his self respect (he loves to eat white cheddar smart pop popcorn which is high in calories) and that made me laugh, as I grabbed another handful.  

Must Have Fitness ~Hard Candy Fitness DVD.
This I could have gone without.  I am not really a fan of fitness DVD's and never really have been.  I might check it out.

Stay Sweet,