Nearly Famous Pinup Wednesday ~ June Storm

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Age: 33
Ocupation: Health Care Professional/ Editor & Chief of Lush Kittens PinUp Magazine
Where are you from? I'm a small town Canadian girl born in Toronto Onatrio, and raised in A rural community just east of London Ontario, called Woodstock. Small town living is where I'm happiest, and where my family is content.
Favorite Photographer to work with: I can honestly say that I don't have a favorite photographer thus far, as each photographer I have had the pleasure to work with, have each taught me something, made me feel special and beautiful and have all inspired me to be better with each photo shoot I do. As I book more shoots, with new photographers, and even one's I have already worked with, I develop more confidence both within myself and infront of the camera. It wouldn't be fair to choose just one when they have all helped me to bceome the woman I am and continue to evolve into.
Dana Brushette Photography
MUAH: Joy Klapko
A Rita Hayworth Inspired Shoot
See Why Photography
MUA: Laura Schell
Hair: Aoife Fraser
Intrigue Photography
MUAH: June Storm
*this was my first pin up photo shoot
Viva Van Story
MUA: Margherita Tisato
Hair: Viva Van Story
Dynamite Dames Photography
MUAH: Vintage Flair
How long have you been modeling/enjoying photography?
When I was a teenager, about the age of 13, I decided to try modeling, and dabble a bit in beauty pageants. It was short lived, as I was too immature to deal with losing and wasn't quite comfortable in my own skin....while growing and maturing and going through that dreaded thing called puberty.
After having four beautiful children, going through some extremely difficult and traumatic times in my life, I finally met my life partner. The person who supported my dreams, encouraged me to be better and gave me strength to do whatever I set my mind to. I had always secretly longed to be a pin up, but never acted on it because I was afraid of rejection. After much encouragement and assurance that I was perfect for it, I decided to dive in and give it a second try. After booking a shoot with a local photographer, a boudoir session exploded into a road trip to New Jersey to shoot with Viva Van Story about a year ago, and it has evolved from there. It's been a learning experience and an extremely motivational journey thus far, and I am excited about what the future has to offer. I only hope to bring some inspiration to others who also have uncertainties about themselves.........we are all in charge of our own fate and can do whatever and be whatever it is that we dream to be!

Who are your favorite Pin Up Models?
Oh boy, this is a tough question to answer as I have so many favorites, so many inspirational ladies that I adore! Bettie page is for sure one that I am inspired by, with her sassy, naughty sex appeal and fun spirited attitude. Marilyn Monroe is without a doubt another I love. Her beautiful smile, curvy body and "girl next door" appeal is always a sure winner with me. As for modern day pin up's, well undoubtedly I would have to say I am fascinated by Dita Von Teese......classic elegance, talented, fantastic performer and an extremely intelligent woman. But of course, these three ladies are not my only favorites, as I look to so many for isnpiration.
What is some of your favorite clothing lines?
Well I must admit that two of my absolute favorite companies to shop, are Pin Up Girl Clothing and Bettie Page. I always find a dozen or more things when I shop these two companies. The dresses, the shoes and accessories always embody true vintage style and fit like a glove! When I put on a dress I like it to hug all the right places,accentuate my assets, feel great and be of superior quality at an affordable price, and I have never had a bad experience with either company or the products.
If you could shoot with a photographer past or present, who would it be? Well as of now, I currently have a "Photographer Bucket List", which is a list I keep adding to, as there are so many talented photographers out there. Three of the photographers on my list that I hope to work with in the near future are Roy Varga, Autumn Luciano (already booked) And Shimona Henry! All very different styles, all are fabulous!
What is your favorite color and why? I know that I look the best in yellow, but my favorite colour is purple. A nice deep purple always makes me feel pretty and oddly....thinner.

How did you get your model name? My modeling name came about in kind of a strange manner. I chose my birth month, and wanted to mix it with something that sounded fierce. At the time I came up with my name there was a hurricane happening accross the other side of the continent. I thought "a hurricane is fierce", however June Hurricane just didn't sound right, so I went with the next best thing....June Storm! I know, silly isn't it, but hey it works and I will always remember the time in which I formed my name.
If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead who would it be? I would have to say that dinner with Bing Cosby would be the best!!! He could sarinade me, waltz me accross the dance floor and sarinade me some more. That man sure could sing, and knock the socks off (or panties) pretty much any woman he locked eyes with or sang to. A true legend in my eyes, and a beyond talented man that brought so much to the world with his amazing voice and ability to transform into any character.

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